• Title: DG550 Kitkat 02/11/2015 (Blackview DM550)
  • Listed: 06/18/2015 6:07 pm
  • ROM Version: Kitkat 4.4.2
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DG550 Kitkat 02/11/2015 (Blackview DM550)

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Best ROM for thise phone. Lollipop and Marshmallow will have lot of bugs. This is the best you can have. This phone has bad roms and support, you can't have anything better than this rom.


Never buy Doogee smartphones again they lie! Battery is only 2200mAh, remove the sticker from battery and find out how much do you have! They did it with the newest smartphone too and I bet they lie about capacity on all of the smartphones!

Also this rom has OTA update! Guys from Blackview are better than the original producer! If you do some tweaks in system partition, you have to flash clean rom and then install OTA, you need original recovery.



  • 20150714 – System optimizations and bug fixes

  • 20150906 – System optimizations and bug fixes


I recommend to flash clean rom then download and install this OTA update. Install one by one as described in updates. You will need original recovery! Can not be install if you edit or add files in system partition!


Anybody successed with making this rom as zip flashable file? :( I Don't have working Meta-INF file :(


Update is possible over the OTA only. I don't have the flashable file. You need original recovery.


Rom for DG550 by Doogee edited by Blackview for their DM550 which is basically DG550 rebranded.

I'm using it about week and it's working good. A lot better than original 4.4.2 rom by Doogee.

Watch updates on XDA thread


Donwload newest SP flash tool and flash this to you phone like original Kitkat. You can also use TWRP 2.8.1 But I've got errer when I flash this recovery, but it was flash anyway. So I recommed flash whole rom in SP flash tool than flash again only TWRP 2.8.1 if it end with error never mind it should be flashed, I try to flash it again and it was end with error again but when I booted to recovery it is working without errors. In recovery flash Super SU 2.46 for root, working great! Then install KingoUser from Google play, there is a half rooted issue with SuperSU :(

Edit use the newest TWRP working for you. OTA working only with original recovery!!

If you don't you custom recovery, for root use Kingo Root.

Now you can flash TWRP in MobileUncle (2.8.1 doesn't work for me, only in SP flash tools with error but worked) you can flash TWRP 2.7.1 or other recovery.

You can follow this video. Don't forget install drivers if you don't have it!




  • No more battery drain!
  • Deep sleep working great
  • Should included new camera driver – Let me know if it is true.
  • Multilanguage
  • Based on latest Doogee rom
  • 3GB for APPs


  • No gps.conf – Reset GPS in MobileUncle and download Faster GPS and make gps.conf file just right for you.

I will update it with GPS.conf file and other stuff, but I'm going on holiday for a week so it will be in the end of the June.



Use L speed from Google Play and download Viper4Android for better sound!

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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62 Responses to“DG550 Kitkat 02/11/2015 (Blackview DM550”

  1. 03/17/2014


    Fantastic Rom.
    No problem with automatic time zone.
    Great camera!
    The best.


    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      Yeah, Blackview fix most of the problems. I'll try fix other issues and do some tweaks so stay tuned :)
      Now I'm just trying to port newer TWRP it should be up in few minutes

  2. 12/15/2012


    How about the partitions how big is the ram? latest firmware from doogee, 4.4.2015.01.26 gives 3gb ram and 10+gb phone memory .

  3. zloj_wlad



    Multilang? Have russian?

    BRB + like :(

    Please write partitions of memory/

    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      Hi, should be same like from Doogee. Blackview just fix some issues. And yes it's multilang like AOSP.

  4. 08/09/2014


    I've already asked on xda but maybe it can help other people here. I have a problem with the back camera that can't focus and the photoc come out blurry. It's a problem that i have with this rom and the newest one from doogee. I have the first edition of the Dagger, bought on june of the last year, and the camera is perfect with the 15/08/14 rom and the lankandroid. How can i get it to work in this rom?

    • zloj_wlad



      camera in my phone work great, I bought in October 2014

    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      I have the first version also and working good. Camera quality is terrible, but working like it should work. There is problem with makro what I have, can't focus but on far it's good. I think it's problem of the camera and can't be much better with better drivers. Try settings in app like EIS and others.

    • 08/09/2014


      I think i managed to solve the problem. I was sure it was a driver problem and not a camera one. I tried by copying the libs from the original rom, but that caused the camera to FC. So i searched on the internet and i found out that basic drivers are contained into the boot.img, and i decided to give it a try. I took both the boot.img from the original doogee 15/08/14 rom and the blackview one an i did a porting of the kernel. Then i flashed again the rom with flashtool pointing at the new modified bootimage. When i turned it on i was soooo happy the camera could focus near objects again

      I take some shots to see the differences, same light same objects. With both i pressed on the screen to make it focus on a certain point. Here are the images: http://imgur.com/a/GfJKt#0 (the 1st and the 3rd are taken with the blackview original boot.img)

      If someone else has this problem with the camera that cannot focus just give it a try

    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      Can you send me the boot image I can post it here for others with old cameras.

    • 08/09/2014


      Here is it: http://1drv.ms/1duf6rT


  5. 12/15/2012


    Hi Mattthev, Flash this rom, DOOGEE_DAGGER_DG550_Android_4.4.2015.01.26 and see for youe self, they changed mbr files to give you 3gb app storage, i use this phone now for 6month and i still love it. :)

    downloadlink, http://www.doogee.cc/servicexi...../newsId=40.html

    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      I hate this rom, it causes battery draining :(

      You can manually change storage size, these files are uploaded on NeedRom

  6. 12/15/2012


    Okee mattthev, so if i use this blackview rom en take the ebr files from this rom DOOGEE_DAGGER_DG550_Android_4.4.2015.01.26 i have the same partitions.

    Whee did you find these files"You can manually change storage size, these files are uploaded on NeedRom" or how to change manually?



    • 08/31/2014

      Czech Republic

      The partitions are same size as Doogee latest. when you flashing it in SP flash tools you can just choose "Download only" If it were anothere size you will have to "Format all"

      Storage size you can change by using custom EBR files, I try it once and it didn't work and I don't even need more free space in the phone cause I'm using SD card as primary storage.

  7. 08/20/2014


    Здравствуйте. Сделайте еще прошивку для первой партии телефонов .problema камеры, все красные. спасибо

  8. 08/31/2014

    Czech Republic

    It looks like the new update (2015) of the rom can't be flashable via recovery… Can't find any custom rom based on the latest update so I can't make rom without META-INF folder :( So until somebody post working META-INF folder this is closed for developing…

  9. 12/15/2012


    PMT error :(

  10. 12/15/2012


    PMT changed for rom, it must be downloaded.

    • 12/15/2012


      I fixed the PMT error, Choose "firmware upgrade" in flastool, and than click download and it worked. :)

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