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  • Listed: 05/02/2014 3:27 pm
  • ROM Version: 14.4.18 - 14.1.25 (18.4.2014-25.1.2014)
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SUDA MIUI ports are the fastest MIUI ports for Lenovo P770. Are updated regularly every week, use Android 4.2.2 core, ported from ZTE V970. I merged several versions in this one thread, whether it be in one place. Here I will also record updates.

Languages: Multilanguage - English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Romanian, Chinese, Turkish, Greek, Arrabic, Bahasa, etc.

GAPPS are not included, please use this special version GAPPS for MIUI ROMS only.

My modifications:
- new instalation ZIP package (for higher phone performance than the original SUDA packing)
- add multilanguage support
remove Chinese applications
- add useful applications
- add performance modifications

29.04.2014 MIUI_V5_18.04.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.91, max. Antutu: 9469
24.03.2014 MIUI_V5_21.03.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.81, max. Antutu: 9513
20.03.2014 MIUI_V5_14.03.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.70, max. Antutu: 9322
05.03.2014 MIUI_V5_28.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.62, max. Antutu: 9347
05.03.2014 MIUI_V5_21.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.52, max. Antutu: 9462
26.02.2014 MIUI_V5_14.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.45, max. Antutu: 9408
27.02.2014 MIUI_V5_08.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.32, max. Antutu: 9365
27.02.2014 MIUI_V5_25.01.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.25, max. Antutu: 9721
25.01.2014 MIUI_V5_17.01.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.12, max. Antutu: 9451
24.01.2014 MIUI_V5_10.01.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.04, max. Antutu: 9498 


- lastest version here http://www.miui.cz/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=3097
- older versions here (choose version number, then click on changelog): http://www.miui.cz/viewforum.php?f=165

TWRP 2500 is required for an installation. Download here:  http://yadi.sk/d/5e4SK60p5nrGU (this is install file from CWM)

If you haven't good CWM (there is no Install choice) and your ROM is ROOTed use this instalation procedure:
1. Download file "recovery.img" (it's TWRP|  http://d-h.st/UTJ,save it to the root directory on SD card
2. Install Mobile Uncle apk from Google Play and run it (ROOT required)
3. Choose "Recovery update", you will see file list on SD card, first is "recovery.img"
4. Pop up two choices, click 2x to OK:

5. Now you are in TWRP 2500


0. Format SD card and place ZIPs MIUI and GAPPS on SD card
1. If you haven't it, install TWRP recovery (see above), go to TWRP
2. First Wipe (select all options except SD card), then install ZIP MIUI ROM+GAPPS in one step:
   -in TWRP click on Install button and choose ZIP file MIUI ROM
   -then click on button "Add More Zips" and choose ZIP file GAPPS
-drag button "Swipe to Confirm Flash" to install it
   -click on button "Clear cache/dalvik"
   -clicik on button "Reboot System"
   -click on button "Do not fix"

3. System will restart – patience required – first boot takes a while
The phone is in silent mode by default. Set sounds in Settings / General settings / Sound / Call ringtone & vibrate, set Phone ringtone, Default notification and messages
5. Set a limit for 3G data transfer, otherwise internet connection will be off (find icon Downloads, when executed, click the gear icon in the right up corner and setup Data usage limit according to your fee. A good option is "Unlimited" also.)
7. Set ROOT - icon Security > Permissions > Root permissions > enable button
8. Initialize WSM module - run icon, first click Install button, then Reboot button and restart phone
9. Run icon "WSM", choose "Online" folder,  download and install "Mi-Tools", then go back to "Modules" folder and enable it, restart phone
10. Turn off the display operators name - Settings/Notifications/Additional settings/Show service profider (turn off)
11. Turn on operators logo in status bar / Change the color signal
    – Mi-Tools> Status bar > Carrier > Carrier logo (turn on)
    - Mi-Tools> Status bar > Carrier > Signal bars color – set color of signal strengts SIM indicator
12. Add choice "Restart to Recovery" to Power button: run MI-TOOLS icon > Framwork > Power > Advanced reboot menu" > enable button and restart phone
13. Switch off notifies about updates Mi-Market: Mi-Tools > Applications >  SUPERMARKET > Disable updates check (enable button) > Reverse tabs order (enable button)
14. Setting the rotation SMS app in phone position width: In WSM install module "Auto Orientation" (WSM > Online > find module > download > enable module) and restart phone. Module icon is not added to the phone desktop, so start WSM icon, click to "Modules" folder, then click just to text "Mi-Tools" and menu appears, choose Module settings > Select applications > Меssaging > then click on Apply. Restart phone. Try SMS app it can rotate.
15. Large font in Status bar (change only the font size, bar height remains the same): Mi-Tools > Status bar > Common > Font size > Large (and restart phone)
16. Swap the cards order : (Local card will be first):
​    - Mi-Tools > Applications > THEMES > Reverse tabs order (turn on button)
    – Mi-Tools > Applications > SUPERMARKET > Reverse tabs order (turn on button)
17. If you don't like MIUI launcher, try Nova launcher, a Dolphin browser, both  works really very quickly
18. If you have problem with wifi internet connection, turn off Wifi optimization
    – Settings/General Settings/Wlan/Advanced settings/WLAN optimization (turn off)

If you have any problem with installation (or something in phone don't work normally), first install standard european ROM S110/113, then install MIUI ROM. Right order is: ROM S110 > CWM > TWRP > MIUI ROM.
Here are instructions to install ROM S110/113 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2220275

If you use an older version of this ROM, only simply install ZIP new ROM + ZIP GAPPS (in TWRP), then click on button "Clear Cache/Dalvik", then clik on button "Restart". There is no need to do a wipe All settings in your phone you will remain. 

If after recording a new version the battery is charging only 96-98%, go into TWRP recovery, enter "Wipe cache" + "Wipe Dalvik" and restart phone. Battery will shows 100%. This is a problem of new MIUI kernel, not the port.

If you find some chinese texts in phone (in Theme or in Sounds) run Settings/Apps/All, find Themes app and click to "Clear data". Chinese will lost.

This ROM use in buld.prop file settings "dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:jit" In this setting, the phone has a higher application performance, but not good GPS accuracy for applications such as sporttracker (sports running) that use GPS location. For car navigation GPS accuracy with this setting is good. If you want use GPS navigation for running (e.g. sporttracker.apk) use setting "dalvik.vm.execution-mode=int:fast". You have to edit bulid.prop file.

My home page: http://androidforum.cz/topic46589.html

I will develop this version in future. Check my home page in future.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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114 Responses to“MIUIv5_SUDA”

  1. rbarat


    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    I've already done a MIUI_V5_28.02.14 version, but there is problem with german language translation.
    Once I find out where the problem is, upload it here. :-)

  2. McSlavko



    @rbarat – great job! very thnx!


    I only have a small question, what is the difference between this rom from this MIUI_V5_21.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.51 ?

  3. rbarat


    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    There is new version MIUI_V5_28.02.14_Multilang_rbarat_v1.62

  4. 12/03/2013


    I have problems with messages that I receive from carrier about my account, minutes left, etc… Messages stop working. Report to MIUI.

  5. 09/08/2013


    First of all I want to thanks for the work you do. 
    I really like the looks mui rom. 
    However I still have problems with the black screen. in the sense that when taking the phone from your ear the screen remains black. 
    I checked the proximity sensor and light with a dedicated apps and  seem to work ok. 

    The change in that value of 25 to 500 only appears to have increased distance from the proximity sensor is active. 
    Original Rom S113 does not have this problem. 
    Is quite irritating that you have to activate the screen with the power button. 
    I would remain grateful if you could solve this problem.

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      Problem about which you write occurs only on a few phones.I have no problem with that, but I know that several people have complained to the black screen.

  6. 06/22/2013


    @rbarat sir, when i keep sim1 in aeroplane mode and restart device, sim management and mobile network menu in system settings become fade and non-clickable. I tried 3 versions of your this miui port.. Faced same problem. Hope you will look into this bug.

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      The core of this ROM does not program myself, I hope the mistake soon removed by the MIUI team. Try to write them and warn them of the error.

  7. 04/11/2013



    The lewa OS5 you do? new versions appear? You can enter a radio that works without headphones?

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      New version MIUI comes out every Friday, right after I make my version. But I am not programmer, I make only the changes that are listed in the instructions above.

  8. amaliady



    lage pah bacut,,,

    good job,,,

  9. rbarat


    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    Today new MIUI 4.1.31 will not, because they have a holiday in China …

  10. 01/31/2014

    Viet Nam

    Proximity Sensor during calls does not work!

    • McSlavko



      This fact is a problem with a black screen after the call, you have to count that in the next version will fix this error.

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      On my phone proximity works well. I think that some phones have a large manufacturing tolerance sensitivity proximity.

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