• Title: No Root Clean Patch (SP Flash-able)
  • Listed: 04/05/2017 5:58 pm
  • ROM Version: 20170116
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No Root Clean Patch (SP Flash-able)

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Clean Patch for Doogee X5 Max Pro 20170116 ROM

(no TWRP or root required, just SP Flash Tool)

This is a patch to clean the pre-installed malware from the stock 20170116 ROM, which can then be installed with SP Flash.

It was made primarily for people (like me) who can't run TWRP (yet?) and don't have root – you need neither. If you know how to flash a stock ROM with SP, you're good to go. It works by creating a modified 'system.img' with the offending apps disabled.


How to use::

1. Download and extract 20170116 stock ROM from here (thanks SoCr@Te):


2. Download Jojo's JDIFF / JPTCH Windows / Linux binaries here (thanks Joris Heirbaut):


3. Find the directory containing the stock 'system.img' for the 20170116 ROM you extracted in <1>. Extract Jojo's 'jptch.exe' (win32) or jptch (linux) into this same directory.

4. Download and extract 'systemMrP.jdf' from this page to the same directory as <3>.

5. Open a Command Prompt window (or whatever the linux equivalent is) and cd to the ROM directory from <3>.

6. Type: jptch system.img systemMrP.jdf systemMrP.img

7. Wait a while… your PC is writing a new 1.57GB file.

8a. If you already have 20170116 stock ROM installed, you can dirty flash the modified system as follows:

Open SP Flash Tool and load the 20170116 scatter file in Download, as usual. Untick all the boxes, then next to 'system', select the new systemMrP.img in the ROM directory rather than the original 'system.img'.

8b. If you're coming from a different ROM, it's probably best to clean flash the whole 20170116 ROM with modified system as follows:

Open SP Flash Tool and load the 20170116 scatter file in Download, as usual. Leave all boxes ticked, then next to 'system', select the new systemMrP.img in the ROM directory rather than the original 'system.img'.

9. Make sure 'Download Only' is selected then start the Download, connect USB without battery, wait for OK… you know this stuff already.

10. Reboot phone and enjoy it without the heaps of malware. If you dirty flashed just system, it's probably best to enter recovery first (yeah, the crappy Alps one) and clear cache otherwise you might have some old pre-compiled code hanging around.


What's disabled:

Browser  [MtkBrowser.apk]
Parallel Space  [com.lbe.parallel.intl.apk]
Xender  [cn.xender.apk]
Wireless Update  [AdupsFota.apk]
FotaProvider  [AdupsFotaReboot.apk]
com.android.snap  [com.gangyun.beautysnap.apk]
Opera Mobile Store (com.opera.branding)  [webcore.apk]
com.android.partnerbrowsercustomizations.example  [ChromeCustomizations.apk]
Camera [Camera.apk]

Unhides and disables:
com.android.Pet.mediaproxy  [MediaService.apk]


Why 'disable', not 'remove'?

This is a cheap and dirty hack I made with a hex editor… that's why the .jdf is so small. I simply searched through the original 'system.img' and renamed all the offending apps so they will never run. The data for these apps is still there, they just don't do anything any more. I know this isn't the 'proper' way to fix this but it's fast and easy… and I'm lazy. Besides, I'm fed up with the malware and frustrated at not being able to get rid of it without root and TWRP on this phone. At some point I might actually do it the proper way: extract the whole system.img, properly remove the malware, maybe install root, and create a decent system.img. I'm hoping now that I've suggested it, someone else (with a linux box) will beat me to it though. Did I mention I'm lazy?


Why 20170116?

I prefer it because it's fairly recent and it's before they jammed the hacked(?) Chrome and loads more crappy Google apps in. I may mod other ROM's if there's enough demand but I'm hoping I won't need to soon… because someone's going to solve this TWRP problem any day now!


Will it work?

It works for me – it's up to you if you want to try this (that's my lazy disclaimer). I dirty flashed system multiple times without losing any user apps I had installed (not that that really matters to me), or my IMEI, and my house is still standing. The bootloader on my phone is currently unlocked from trying to get TWRP installed… if you're clean flashing from a different ROM with a locked bootloader, I'm not sure what will happen. Maybe it'll work fine. Or maybe you'll need to flash 20170116 fully stock, fastboot oem unlock, then dirty flash system. I dunno. Try it, and let me know.

I should say I am still running NoRoot Firewall, and you should too. Android System is still trying to connect to HK (Alibaba / amazonaws), but it's the only access I've seen since making this mod. If you're worried about data leaking over 4G (IPv6) because NoRoot Firewall can't block it, set Preferred network type to 3G under mobile network settings… it might help.



Let me know what you think.


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

13 Responses to“No Root Clean Patch (SP Flash-able)”

  1. 04/05/2017


    It worked!

    • MrPotatohead


      United Kingdom

      Awesome! :) Glad to hear it. Dirty or clean flash? Locked or unlocked bootloader? Not important, I'm just interested.

  2. 11/05/2016


    I'm glad this process worked for you. What I don't understand is how this is easier than flashing TWRP. It took me 5 minutes to do that. This looks like it is very complex and doesn't really fix the problem since the apps are only partially blocked (and if you mess up you could brick your phone). Wouldn't it be a lot easier and simpler (if you don't want to or can't flash) to simply install "No Root Firewall" and block any malware? Not trying to be a troll, just trying to understand.

    • MrPotatohead


      United Kingdom

      Perfectly valid point… if you can easily install TWRP and root, and get rid of the malware with whatever root explorer you like, then that's most definitely the way you should go. I'm seriously stoked for you that you have a device that allows you to do that. I put this up to help the apparently growing number of people (with recent devices?) that find TWRP will flash but won't run and they're left with the crappy Alps recovery, and no other way to remove the malware.

      I didn't want to upload an entire modified 'system.img' file, so the only real complexity is that you need to apply a small (tiny!) patch to the stock 'system.img' from the 20170116 ROM. There's as much risk (probably less, as you're only flashing the system partition) of bricking your phone as there is of flashing a full stock ROM, so I'm not sure where your worries are coming from. Anyone that's not happy with the mod can simply flash back the stock 'system.img', reboot, and handle the malware in their own way.

      I fully recommend installing NoRoot Firewall, even with this mod, but the big difference is that the malware apps we've had to suffer won't be running at all after this mod. So there should be no unexpected battery drain, or the possibility that an app can get around NoRoot Filewall before it's had a chance to run, like 'com.android.Pet.mediaproxy' (MediaService.apk) seems to do on reboot.

      Thanks for not being a troll.

    • 11/05/2016


      Thanks for the explaination. I have 3 x DooGee X5 Max Pro phones and easily installed TWRP so that I could remove numerous malware and unwanted apps. But, these were all on older firmware versions. I had heard that more recent versions in 2017 were eorse from a malware perspective but did not know rooting them (or just installing TWRP) was any more difficult or problematic.

      If it helps, here is a list of apps that I have disabled or removed. Note, these contain my personal choices that may not apply to everyone. Some apps have been replaced with others that I like better, some are malware etc.

      Here is MY personal list of disabled apps: 
      Bubbles com.android.noisefield (I don't need it) 
      com.android.wallpapercropper (I don't need it) 
      email com.android.email (replaced with gmail) 
      exchange services com.android.exchange (replaced with gmail) 
      live wallpaper picker com.android.wallpaper.livepickr (I don't need it) 
      messaging com.android.mms (replaced with google messaging) 
      phase beam com.android.phasebeam (I don't need it) 
      photo screensavers com.android.dreams.phototable (I don't need it) 
      android live wallpapers com.android.wallpaper (I don't need it) 
      backup and restore com.mediatek.datatransfer (I don't need it) 
      barcode scanner com.google.zxing.client.android (replace with an app I trust and like better) 
      basic daydreams com.android.dreams.basic (I don't need it) 
      black hole com.android.galaxy4 (I don't need it) 
      browser com.android.browser (replaced malware with Chrome) 
      bsptelephonydevtool com.mtk.telephonycalendar com.android.calendar (replaced with google calendar) 
      call log backup/restore com.android.callogbackup (I don't need it) 
      cn.xender (deleted malware) 
      com.android.backupconfirm (I don't need it) 
      com.android.partnerbrowsercustomizations.example (I don't need it) 
      com.android.provision (I don't need it) 
      com.android.snap (deleted malware) 
      com.android.wallpaper.holospiral (I don't need it) 
      com.lbe.parallel.intl (deleted malware) 
      com.mediatek.batterywarning (I don't need it) 
      documents to go com.dataviz.docstogo (I don't need it) 
      fingerprint com.android.fingerprintlauncher (I don't need it) 
      fm radio com.android.fmradio (I don't need it) 
      fotaprovider com.adups.fota.sysoper (stops automatic updates) 
      fprintma ma.fprint.testimage (I don't need it) 
      launcher3 com.android.launcher3 (replaced with another launcher) 
      locationem2 com.mediatek.lbs.em2.ui (I don't need it) 
      market feedback agent com.google.android.feedback (I don't need it) 
      miravision com.mediatek.miravision.ui (I don't need it) 
      omacp com.mediatek.omacp (I don't need it) 
      opera mobile store com.opera.branding (I don't need it – malware?) 
      scheduled power on & off com.mediatek.schpwronoff (I don't need it) 
      turbo download com.mediatek.hetcomm (I don't need it) 
      vcalendar com.mediatek.calendarimporter (replace with google calendar) 
      video daydreams com.vanzo.dreams.video (I don't need it) 
      wireless update com.adups.fota (stops automatic updates) 

    • 11/05/2016


      One other small point, by disabling an app, it is easier to re-enable it later if for some reason you need it, or want to try something. I know it is fairly easy just to reflash, but it can save time. I appreciate the work you have done to help those that cannot use the simpler TWRP option. It is great to have different options to resolve the issues introduced by the manufacturers. In particular, DooGee seems to be getting worse rather than better so I am glad I am locked on an older firmware version. 

  3. teretzis1


    Download file‚Äč         This is for   MRpotatohead   try these recovery TWRP  maybe   maybe 1 will work..   good luck pal  cheers

  4. MrPotatohead


    United Kingdom

    Hey FunFiler, that's quite a list of disabled apps you've got there. I can understand it. Much easier to do when you have root access, of course. The stuff I disabled in the patch is simply renamed, so you'd need root access to rename any app to enable it again. If you had root, you could access the system directory and delete it… there'd be no point using this patch.

    Today, thanks to fushi, I have working TWRP and root, so this patch is pretty much irrelevant now. My prediction was right… someone did solve this TWRP problem! In fact, I'm seriously tempted to rename today "International TWRP Day", take this day off every year, get drunk, and maybe reminisce about that time I was stuck with a malware inflicted phone and no (proper) way to fix it. "You did WHAT with a hex editor?!" people will cry in disbelief. Yup, today is a good day.

    Teretzis1, thanks for all your help trying to get this TWRP problem sorted out. Custom ROM's here we come.

  5. 04/21/2017


    It worked! Thank you, really, thank you!

    • MrPotatohead


      United Kingdom

      No problem at all - I'm glad to have helped. Please enjoy your phone without malware :) And thanks very much for the feedback!

      I'm fairly surprised anyone is still downloading this patch now that TWRP is available for our more recent devices: https://www.needrom.com/downlo.....d/twrp-x32-rom/

      If you are able to use SP Flash for my patched 'system.img' then flashing TWRP is just as easy. It even has a built-in file manager, so it's pretty easy to delete the malware files directly in the recovery without needing to root your device. And that's if you want to continue running a stock ROM. I fully recommend you dump stock ROM's and switch to something custom like LineageOS: https://www.needrom.com/downlo.....geos-7-1-2-x32/

      Really, I'm just happy that you're another owner of Doogee hardware that's now able to run your device without malware. That's all any of us wanted when we bought these phones, wasn't it?

  6. 05/03/2017


    It works, thank you

  7. 11/30/2017


    Is this 64bit?

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