• Title: Hongmi Redmi 1S Global Multi 4.3 NO spyware/bloatware
  • Listed: 10/10/2014 12:36 am
  • ROM Version: 36.0.0
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Hongmi Redmi 1S Global Multi 4.3 NO spyware/bloatware
Hongmi Redmi 1S Global Multi 4.3 NO spyware/bloatware - Image 1

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Xiaomi 36.0.0 fixed rom

General Information-
Type……………………….: Rom
Target platform………….: Android
Installation notes……….: Windows
Compression Format….: RAR
File Validation…………..: SHA1
Image Format…………..: zip(PK)
Image Created with……: Xarchiver

Release Notes

Custom rom update including some small modifications and disabled spyware (not by using hosts..) & removed bloatware. The rom is official 36.0.0 MIUI v5 with some small modifications. 
Hongmi Redmi 1S WCDMA/CDMA/3G (Global) Multi language for msm8228 (Snapdragon 400) not for mkt65x (mediatek). 

- [Changes in this fix/update] -

UPDATE3 (thanks to Fennec)

Updater.apk removed from the rom Changed
All known ips added to the host file on default Changed
AntiSpam.apk (key system module) patched
DownloadProvider.apk (key system module) patched
Settings.apk (key system module) patched
Updater.apk - deleted (Why do you install this rom if you want to update? Not needed, because it will give you back all spyware if you update)
Themes.apk (You wil still be abe to install them locally without miCloud by going to their website and "download to pc", put on internal memory etc. You need to go here for it: http://zhuti.xiaomi.com/)

Audit again and test, on my device no connections are made to wierd ips, only to Google by apps that normally do to when for example opening a app with admob, or while opening the play store that made a connection to *.1e100.net.


Backdoors are gone, mostly done by string patching domains in the dalvik bytecode.

Bootannimation deleted (faster boot), music_bg added, wallpapers added, lockscreen icon modified, lockwallpaper modified, under "system/media/theme/default".
Framework_ext.jar, fileexplorer.apk, music.apk (modified, spyware gone now)
Xiaomi framework, (deleted) contained a 'backdoor'. And some other system files under "/system/app" that actually did nothing besides sending info to china servers. 
Other apks rm'd under "/system/app" that weren't important systems apps that made internet connection.
MiCloud services, also right to the trashcan.

[/! Tested /!]

All modifications have been tested on 3 devices. You can flash this OTA from any previous version without expecting problems.
Tested from 29.0.0, 92.0.0 and 31.0.1. All the Google features are still present.

Thank you goes out to Google(aapt, apktool, baksmali, smali, dex2jar etc)android tools, the CWM team and 4pda.ru for all the useful tools they provided to the public to make my work a lot easier.

Install Notes

0) Install adb drivers (http://adbdriver.com/upload/AdbDriverInstaller.exe) and enable USB debugging on your phone (tab 7x 'Android-version' under About the phone to unlock dev options)
1) Put *.zip modified OTA update on Micro SD card, doesn't matter wat name it has. (NOT INTERGRATED MEMORY "/data/media/0" !)
2) Boot intro CWM, using the cmd shortcut if you don't know how
3) Select zip on sdcard in CWM
4) Install it and if it asks for a signature verification that failed, just continue it's OK (before you proceed, run checksum verifier shortcut to make sure all files are correct and not damaged somehow).
5) Have fun and remember just IN CASE, install a firewall.

sha1sum *.*
bc6f95bdf55a4c279eec2aef3e7267f3fe499e9c  adb.exe
fde9c22a2cfcd5e566cec2e987d942b78a4eeae8  AdbWinApi.dll
12e14244b1a5d04a261759547c3d930547f52fa3  AdbWinUsbApi.dll
5bbe3ac1c3d32c083aa470705771213d35b174d2  Boot_CWM.cmd
398bee1de5cde4725e216617e2d551742b1bd8c9  cwm.img
c853639af74e63de3c79397b5eabd1a34ca4d6c0  fastboot.exe
4a578ecd09a2d0c8431bdd8cf3d5c5f3ddcddfc9  sha1sum.exe
e08befdfd4f44194c2a9693af8e36d07587347b4  update_36.0.0_fixed3.zip
04186a83ebcb98f98a05ce5724c13eab702e9aba  Verify_checksums.cmd

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

38 Responses to“Hongmi Redmi 1S Global Multi 4.3 NO spyw”

  1. vickdu31

    Posts: 23


    Hi, does this rom contains Finnish language (Suomi) as it is disabled my Xiaomi.eu ….

    Thank you in advance :)

  2. 06/18/2013
    Posts: 6


    Is this still MIUI or stock AOSP Android?

  3. baksteen

    Posts: 17



    @vickdu31 This is the rom from Xiaomi.eu v36.0.0 Multilanguage contains no Finnish language, sorry.
    @pvr_be No, the launcher you see is called Nova launcher. In the default stock rom (this with small modifications) MIUI v5 you can choice your own launcher and 'replace' Nova with the stock launcher (i believe this is possible in any rom).

    Best regards,

    • 06/18/2013
      Posts: 6


      Ok, thanks for reply, I did the trick with Nova and Apex before, but I was hoping for a pure Android version for the Redmi 1s

  4. baksteen

    Posts: 17


    @pvr_be That's the mournful fact about those low budget phones that are closed source. It will probably not happen, maybe when some people put a lot of effort in it, but I have my doubts because no decent developer will put time and effort in this as it's advertising people to buy this phone and support Xiaomi while you should avoid Xiaomi and not support them as they are banned for not following the GPL laws obviously for adding spyware any other reasons. Maybe it will happen by some developer, but i can't tell it at this time, haven't see any other rom that is not based on on the stock rom released by the manufacturer.

  5. 08/25/2014
    Posts: 1



    some bad news: it looks like this rom is still spying on us. I have done some research involving tcpdump and Wireshark, and noticed the following:

    * Right at the beginning, it connects to via XMPP and sends the phone model and MIUI version. The info column in Wireshark says STREAM > xiaomi.com (but the IP clearly does not belong to xiaomi.com). After doing this for several times, the connection breaks (Wireshark shows lots of retransmissions), but similar packets show up with similar content, but sent to app.chat.xiaomi.net ( I have no idea what this could be.
    * 8 seconds after starting tcpdump, the phone connected to update.miui.com ( It's okay, maybe just checking updates, but it's annoying that it cannot be turned off.
    * Not much after that it connected to pgv.m.xunlei.com (, and made an HTTP GET request with my SSID.
    * A DNS query was made to wap.pmap.sandai.net (, but no packages were sent to this address. Similar queries followed with different *.sandai.net subdomains.
    * Also connected to a0.app.xiaomi.com ( and made a HTTP GET request.

    NOTE: this was done after a fresh install. Opted out from MIUI data sending, Google account was NOT added, only connected to my home wifi router. After enabling debugging mode, I have restarted the phone connected via adb as soon as I could, and immediately started tcpdump right after the wlan interface went up.

    • baksteen

      Posts: 17


      Thanks for the reply, I am willing to make another update and fix this but could you please provide me more info? Such as the process the network traffic came from because i can't find anything with a vpn or proxydroid.

      That's the wierd thing, it is not sending any data on my phone. Maybe you need to try and clean dalvik cache, or did you already do this?

      Thanks for your cooperation.

  6. 08/29/2014
    Posts: 1


    The link under "Links other than Needrom:" seems broken and there's no link under "Links:", unless I am missing something.

    Could you check, please?

    I really appreciate your efforts and would like to have a chance of giving it a try.




  7. 06/16/2014
    Posts: 1


    Hy! I want to try your rom, but I don’t know how to instal CWM/TWRP on my 1S. Can you please give me a tutorial? Or at least the recovery.img and tell me what program should I use? Thank you in advance!

  8. baksteen

    Posts: 17


    This is why hosts never worked,
    .field private static final FILTER_HOSTS:Ljava/lang/String; = "91rb.com,sj.91.com,kuaiapk.com,newapk.net,54maker.com"

    Probably more stuff like this is present.
    Found even more spyware, well guys sorry about this but also a big thanks to Fennec.. I am working on a fix for this. This is just all terrible..

  9. baksteen

    Posts: 17


    I have made a update. It should be all gone now (at least on my phone it seems to be all gone now), but just in case if someone is able to to a full audit, i would be thankful.

  10. 09/16/2014
    Posts: 1



    I want to say thanks.

    I am a new redmi 1s Owner. I got this phone because of all the hype around it. The phone is good but I'm worried about the constant data packets being sent and received from the phone.
    This doesn’t happen with any of my other phones.
    I have a nexus and I don’t see any unusual activity on the nexus.

    Posting anything on the Xiaomi forums regarding this gets the posts deleted and you might get banned.

    What we really want is a ROM without all the spyware and bloatware and without the Miui. J

    thanks for your efforts.

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