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Ultimate v1
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THL5000 Ultimate ROM by Dimid/iv2012 in my opinion this is currently one of the two best ROM the best multilanguage ROM for THL 5000 (second is Classic V3mod ROM).

I am not the author of this ROM, made only a few adjustments and necessary small translations from russian (some texts were only in russian) to other languages. This is the last ROM from really excellent  ukrainian author Dimid/iv2012 (see below to his page and donate him on WebMoney). Dimid collected all the best form all his previous ROMs. Power consumption is good, ROM is multilanguage as Classic V3mod. This ROM is continuing of Classic ROM V3mod. He used part of the code fromPhilips i928 1436_00_V17A_CIS, THL 5000 v1.1.2, DEXP Ixion XL 5 v1.8H. Thank Dimid for all of his hard work. This ROM I posted here with his permission. Kernel patch for old displays was made by jitnovod from russian forum. I uploaded it here, to make ROM available for non russian speakers, which can't log on to the Russian forum.  I prepared modified version,  where removed the residual cyrillic and added missing translates. 

Supported languages:
Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Catala, Czech, Dansk, Deutsch, English, Spanish, Filipino, French, Croatian, IsiZulu, Italian, Kiswahili, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Nederlands, Norwegian, Polish, Portuges, Romanian, Runantsch, Slovak, Slovenian, Suomi, Svenska, Tiet Viet, Turkish, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Chinesse and many more…

Warning! This is not an upgrade! During installation, formatted partitions Data, System, Cache!

Firmware features by Dimid:
* Upgraded to 1.1.2. kernel to properly display the battery charge
* Support init.d
* Valid root shell
* Integrated root
* Integrates all functions of the standard firmware (Smart Cover, in your pocket, smart gestures, mute coup)
* Dolby Digital Plus
* Modem with support wcdma 900 MHz
* Default off frequency GSM850 and PCS1900
* Name of the caller in 2 lines
* Name contacts in 2 lines
* Full-screen photo caller
* Advanced PowerMenu with options reboot and screen recording
* LockClock of CM11 with the settings in the settings screen
* Adjust the density of the screen
* Configure the system font
* Customize the widget LockClock
* Setting screen recording
* Extended range zoom animation parameters Developer
* In the setting of font added "very fine"
* Smart gestures displayed in the main menu settings
* Menu "Extras": management and statistics CPU, loading Epo.dat, ad blocker, detector Wakelock
* Customize the speech synthesis in the "Special. Features"
* Removed the Google search bar
* Fixed Auto Brightness according to the testimony LightSensor
* Removed large icons G near the antenna
* The default setting is enabled from unknown sources
* Default on display battery%
* Default is off animation
* Ability to turn off the LED display (in Settings/Dsiplay/Led switch) – default state is OFF
* Startup Manager
* Manager permissions (does not start at the first start)
* PowerFix (thanks to magnesium)
* Colored icons in the settings menu
* Colored icons in the Power Menu
* Replaced the icons flash drives in the connection memory cards
* Startup Manager
* Manager permits
* Find the best libraries of sound, camera, bluetooth, GPS
* Fixed a bug Launcher, if left alone desktop
* Unlock in any direction
* Improved smooth scrolling
* The green LED turns on when charging 100%
* "Anti-Theft" in Russian
* Translated G-Sensor Calibration
* Fixed translation settings dealer (vibration when connected)
* Translated some menu settings
* Enabled editing of all sound profiles
* Fixed sync browser
* Updated all services and applications Google (those for which updates were at the time of the release of firmware)
* Firmware fully DEODEX

Small changes by me:
* Removed boot sound
* Added Xpossed framework (can install Gravity Box KK)
* translated System font changer to english
* default language is English
* translated some russian texts to english
* added much better slovak and czech translations

How to check Gamma value of your display:
* instal this application from GP https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gombosdev.displaytester

* run it, choose Display quality/Gamma detection
* will see test image - rectangles with numbers
* rectangle whose color matches the background determines the Gamma value
* Gamma correct value is around 2.0

Detailed installation instructions:
1 – save the ROM file "THL_5000_Ultimate1.zip" on the SD card
2 – jump to TWRP recovery, if you haven't it, install it (installation instructions are here, sorry in slovak language only,use Google translator)http://androidforum.cz/twrp-2-7-1-0-root-pre-thl-5000-t57731.html 
3 – click Wipe and select items: Dalvik Cache, System, Cache, Data, Int.SDcard and Android Secure, then click Swipe to Wipe
4 – click on Install, choose ROM file and install it - click Swipe to Install, then click Reboot System
5 – go to TWRP again,
click on Install.  choose file "NewTranslates_4.zipand click Swipe to Install
6 – click Wipe Cache/Dalvik, then click Reboot to System

5 – go to TWRP again, click on Install.  choose file "VideoRecord_mp4_II.zipand click Swipe to Install
6 – click Wipe Cache/Dalvik, then click Reboot to System
7 – if you want,  enable LED in 
Settings/Display/Led switch
8 – optionally install latest Titanium Backup - http://uloz.to/xrtRPmFt/titanium-backup-pro-7-0-0-3-full-patched-rar#download
9 – check your display Gamma value – if  Gamma is "2.0", OK, done.  If Gama is much more and your display is too dark, install kernel patch Kernel110_old_disp.zip Do not install it if you have a new display type – your Gama=2.0!!! 

Additional ROM patchesinstall from TWRP (Install file, click Wipe Dalvik/Cache, click Restart to System):
NewTranslates_4.zip - add new translates (remove some russian texts)
- Kernel110_old_disp.zip  - kernel for old display type - Do not install if you have a new display type!!!
- Add_ServicesEN_II_1.rar: (
unpack RAR, will get two ZIP files – first install Add_Services, second remove)
This path add new posibilities to Settings/Accessibility/Extra settings:
* gradual increasing the ringer volume (can be disabled)
* gradual increasing the volume of the alarm (can be disabled)
* Lock the phone screen by – flipping phone screen down and wait to sound (cca. 2s)
* Mute ringing call by – flipping phone screen down screen and wait to sound (cca. 2s)
Base ROM integrated function FlipToMute will be disabled (is in conflicts with Add_services).
Before installing the patch, disconnect function  "Settings/Accessibility/Flip silent" and "Settings/Accessibility/Pocket mode"!!! 
VideoRecord_mp4_II.zip - camera will record in MP4 format:
OutputFormat – MPEG4, VideoEncoder – MPEG_4_SP, AudioEncoder – AAC-LC, Audio Sampling Rate – 16000, Audio Encoding BitRate – 128000
Modem850st.zip - original modem 850/2100Mhz for THL 5000
Modem_900.zip - Dimids 900/2100Mhz modem (some people have reported malfunction 3G on 900Mhz)
(After installing each modem recommend 2x to restart the phone.)

Dimid's web page: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=592576&view=findpost&p=38714746
Jitnovod web page: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=592576&view=findpost&p=38034152

Dimid donation – WebMoney:
WMU: U413791826969 
WMR: R386284664505
WMZ: Z333649149339

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

196 Responses to“Ultimate v1”

  1. 01/08/2015


    Thanks for this rom/post!

    Can you point out the differences to (your) v3? Would be great, because I only see something like dolby digital plus and menu "extras" as difference

  2. 09/04/2013


    Now it seems that everything is already ok … Works perfectly. Great job … Congratulations.

  3. 06/23/2013


    hey, thanks again for your and dimids work for the thl! 

    do you know the xtremeBeats audiomod? http://forum.xda-developers.co.....34729 

    im experiencing issues after flashing it like a "locked" volume button screen, multiple soft reboots and the phone keeps booting in some chinese developer menu until i wait a few minutes before i turn on the phone again. maybe its incompatible with MTK devices, i don't know :)  

    maybe the now added Dolby mod + V4A will be sufficient 

  4. 09/06/2014

    The Gamma still not yet fix the screen is too bright and not vivid

    • rbarat



      Gama is OK – default it set to new display type – core 1.1.2. check using this apk https://play.google.com/store/.....v.displaytester

      I have new dislay and my gama is 2,0. 

    • rbarat



      I think you made a mistake – you have a new type of display and install a patch Kernel110_old_disp.zip (old filename was (THL5000_Philips_ROM_v3_Boot_110_fixed.zip). This patch is only for older phones from the first production run. They use a different display type. The displays have different gamma value. Install ROM again without patch.

  5. rbarat



    Added patch Adblock_EN.zip - Adblock translated to english (Settings/Additional Settings/Adblock)

    It is possible to translate it only to one language – threfore used international english :-)

  6. 01/27/2015


    What a shame,this is the last one?

  7. 11/01/2014


    Best ROM so far , thanks for this sir, dimid is awesome!

  8. rbarat



    Hi, added Add_services in english and new patch for Camera MP4:
    Add_ServicesEN.rar – unpack RAR, will get two ZIP files – first install Add_Services, second remove Add_Services.

  9. 01/02/2014


    Thanks to you and Dimid!

    @ rbarat do you prefer this rom for v3?

    My Gama is 1,6 what kind of file should i install? old display or new display?

    Thanks in advance

  10. 01/02/2014


    Steps to installation: wipe int sd Card. Does this really mean all directories and files on internal SD-Card will be wiped. I asked cause I have Mjusic and maps from navigation-apps stored on internal SD-Card. Will this be wiped too?

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      It is not necessary, only recommended, I do not. I recommend it for sure that the SD card will not contain any waste that could adversely affect the work of the new ROM.

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