• Title: Thunderbolt Stock v.1.2.0 Rom
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  • ROM Version: Rom Android 4.2.2
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Thunderbolt Stock v.1.2.0 Rom
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You can find me alwais on AndroidWorld.it


Thunderbolt Stock v.1.2.0 Rom



This is the version to install from CWM recovery

valid for all models of INew V3 MTK6582



Links to everything that is required for proper installation can be found in the following paragraphs.




Features of the Thunderbolt Rom



This Rom is the result of a long work of improvement carried out on the stock of this device.
The ROM is very beautiful and the performances are excellent. Added Lenovo SuperCamera and SuperGallery.

The ROM is multilingual.


Follows a list of the main features of the Thunderbolt Rom:


*  Root

*  Kernel 4.2.2 (boot.img) new and modified with real support init.d

*  Zipalign at every boot

*  Sqlite optimization at every boot

*  Very smooth, with no lag

*  Absolutely full app in the system

*  Extremely stable

*  Gapps already installed

*  Optimized to the maximum

*  Original Boot Animation

*  Original Logo initial

*  Build.prop optimized

*  Gps.conf optimized

*  Scripts and Tweaks listed in the following section




Other optimizations



In addition to the great work done on the kernel (boot) and on the structure of the Rom were made the following optimizations:

  • Changed the Launcher and the LockScreen



  • Also added the Launcher and the LockScreen LeWa (it's the user that choose which to use)



  • Possibility to change themes and wallpapers (using the Launcher LeWa)

Now you can choose from thousands of different themes, wallpapers, lockscreen, icons, etc


Here's an example of the many icons packages that you can choose:



  • Added Supercamera and SuperGallery Lenovo



  • Added Xposed Installer and the module GravityBox



  • Audio optimized by different filters and applications



  • Added several applications for the improvement of consumption



  • Added several apps to my pleasure

Changed the file manager, notepad and added several apps for everyday use: ReBoot, Aptoide, Link2Sd, MobileUncle,
Root Explorer, Titanium Backup, etc 




Scripts & Tweaks


After careful selection and long and patient work, in order to adapt to this device and delete all the conflicts I could insert different and will list only the main ones:

*  Adrenaline Engine

*  Loopy Smothness

*  Geeky Engine

*  Net-Fork

*  Supremacy

*  VelocityTweaks

*  SlaidyBoost

*  BeatsAudio

*  CosmisTweak LightSpeed



Introduction to the installation of the Thunderbolt Rom


Before installing the Rom you need to make a backup of your device in case something goes wrong. Do it with MTKDroidTools flashabile with FlashTool.

Those who have already installed the recovery Cwm they can make a second directly from recovery.

For the first, here is a guide to the procedure of backup, for the latest version of MTKDroidTools and drivers necessary for the proper use of the application Backup with MtkDroidTool

Just this already, but if you want here is the guide for the second procedure to install the modified recovery Cwm  How to install Cwm recovery 


Installing the Thunderbolt Rom


- Device rooted with Vroot or another program …

- Download FlashTool this version here or I think that goes well any version 5

- Make a backup with MtkDroidTool

- Install with flashtool this Rom here  (the installation of 1.0.8 GPS fix is required for the subsequent installation of the Thunderbolt) 

- Reboot. Everything should be ok 

- This ROM already has CWM Recovery Touch that later we will need to install the Thunderbolt.


Now we are ready to install the Thunderbolt Rom


- You may have already downloaded the zip file from the link above and copied the zip file in SD card.

- Restart your device in Cwm Touch recovery and make a backup of your device.


- Then always from Cwm perform a full wipe:

-> Wipe Menu -> Wipe All Data – Preflash
-> Wipe Menu -> wipe Dalvik Cache 


- You are ready to install the Rom from Cwm with the usual:

->  Install zip from sdcard.


- It will launch my installation procedure with the touch controls. Be guided by Touch Installer to complete the installation. 

- At the end of this at the request of the installer confirm that you want to reboot into CWM recovery and from here again:

->  Wipe cache partition

->  Advanced ->  Wipe Dalvik Cache

Reboot. Upon reboot follow the wizard to set up the language and the basic settings of the phone and then run a new reboot (there are some services that to start, needs a second reboot). And now enjoy!!


If after installation, check that the GPS does not work well is because you have to recalibrate the compass. 
In the rom you find an app called GPS Status … go outdoors at a point where there is your wi fi signal or in any way connected to the Internet, launch the app and wait a few moments that connect to GPS satellites. Make sure the GPS and the internet connection of your smartphone are activated.

Now try to see if moving to the right or left, the compass reacts correctly. If the compass display will not move correctly according to your orientation, must be recalibrated. For further confirmation, read the data on the screen, under the heading "Field Mag (uT) / decl." In this field, you will find three values ​​like "45/47/2 °." If your compass has problems, in the first place, instead of a two-digit number such as "45", you will find a huge number over 10,000 (in my case there was something around 11,400). That is, if the first place is a very high number, it means that your compass should be recalibrated.

How to recalibrate the compass of the Android smartphone? Nothing could be simpler. Still holding open the program GPS Status, go to Tools> Calibrate compass. At this point you take your smartphone and start to rotate it 3-4 times on 3 axes. Done this, press the OK button and save the whole. Finish. 

Now try to look at the compass in the app and you'll notice that this will turn properly according to your orientation. Even running a GPS like Google Maps, you'll notice now that the smartphone will be oriented in a much more precise and responsive than before, because now the digital compass Android operating properly and no longer has any problem orientation. Thanks to the recalibration, in fact, now the compass of your Android smartphone behaves correctly and react perfectly to your movements.


Which author of this Rom decline any liability for whatever may happen to Vs device as a result of the flash itself.

If you are afraid, then don't install anything and you will sleep peacefully the night, otherwise you do it at your own risk!

In any case, just do a Nandroid backup before installing anything and every problem should be averted.



Resolution of any problems after the installation of the Rom


I invite everyone to make a backup.

Only if you have done the backup and you are able to restore the device then you can write me relatively few bugs in the rom or any other problem.

So ATTENTION! … You did not do a Nandroid backup? … You are not able to restore the device? … Well, do not write to me, because I will not answer to you!!




Enjoy my work. It's really the most beautiful. Enjoy!!



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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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  1. 04/24/2014
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    Viet Nam

    cái này có ai xài chưa za?

  2. xzanix

    Posts: 6


    Well done Dany! Thanks for sharing it… I have just installed… starting using it now. I'll check on your italian web site for more custom ROMs ;)

  3. Daniela

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  4. 03/15/2013
    Posts: 28


    Nice job! Thank you for sharing. ;)

  5. 04/15/2014
    Posts: 9

    European Union

    Good job  Daniela !! very fast rom and and without bugs, everything works great  ; -)

    Thank you 

  6. 04/07/2014
    Posts: 35


    Great work. Thank you for your work. Great girl 

  7. 04/01/2014
    Posts: 11


    Hi, thanks for the effort! Is it working with 850? Does the GPS navigation have good accuracy and don't take me near the road?

  8. 03/03/2014
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  9. 04/09/2014
    Posts: 6

    United States

    My friend you did an excellent work on this ROM. I commend you and thank you. 

  10. 04/29/2014
    Posts: 2


    Hello, i install the room but no run the mobile just turn on and no continue of logo. u can help me?

    • 04/07/2014
      Posts: 35


      I think you must have installed first the version  1.08 gps fix to install this one. ( I think) 

      What previous version do you had on phone. ??

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