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  • ROM Version: Release V17
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LineageOS CM 13.0
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original discussion (in italian): [ROM] [Z7MAX] [Android 6.0] CM 13.0 unofficial or english: [ROM] [Z7MAX] [Android 6.0] CM 13.0 unofficial


The CM 13.0 (marshmallow Android 6.0) is a rom in full development, with several features still missing and probably some things not working.


is to be considered a experimental rom

after several days of work here is the first release for our Nubia Z7 max.

support for dual sim is in an initial state: you can use two sim, making and receiving calls, use the data connection and SMS
for the moment you can not turn off a single sim (only airplane works), the selection of the preferred network is bugged and I have no way to test the LTE if it works

what's working:

flash led/torch
dual sim
nfc (maybe)
led notification/charger
FM Radio

for enable the contact sync:
open settings->apps->menù button->show system->search google contact sync->permission and enable the contact permission
reboot the phone
settings->account->google->contact sync-> disable and reenable to force the sync


08/02/2017 release V17 (MD5: 06074b20d7dd8c4af480c0cd251febc4)

switched to LineageOS rom

Security patch January 2017

kernel: updated to 3.4.113

kernel: added f2fs support (not tested)

kernel: security fix

audio: fix echo during call

audio: fix mic low volume

fix power off bug

sync LineageOS source code (08/02/2017)

27/12/2016 release V16 (MD5: 4c4f0d019b24a4122146ec32e7275da5)

Security patch December 2016

kernel: some secuity patch

fix audio random muted

sync cyanogen source code (27/12/2016)

10/11/2016 release V15 (MD5: 5f512c1e2605d45a3a5ddf4b3fb0d4b8)

Security patch November 2016

kernel: some security patch

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.89 (with new camera blobs)

adreno and drm blobs updated with the oneplus one (bacon) version

new nubia camera app 6.0_V6. download

sync cyanogen source code (10/11/2016)

18/10/2016 release V14 (MD5: 6e689ac4486a61b32c4a830dccd2d758)

Security patch October 2016

kernel: some security patches

sync cyanogen source code (18/10/2016)

08/09/2016 release V13 (MD5: ed22da9f0be25e15725082593a27a45e)

Security patch September 2016

Fix microfone in voip app (skype etc)

kernel: some bluetooth patches (thanks to pchatzop aka MrPink7)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.86

sync cyanogen source code (08/09/2016)

12/08/2016 release V12 (MD5: 7934138c961678de9756e7b746e5686c)

Security patch August 2016

kernel: fix for quadroot vulnerability (some apps say still vulnerable to CVE-2016-5340 but the patch is in place so I don't know why)

kernel: some bluetooth patches

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.85

sync cyanogen source code (12/08/2016)

24/07/2016 release V11 (MD5: cd8bff20589e7e31d894d329f7539a81)

Security patch July 2016

kernel: few patches

sync cyanogen source code (24/07/2016)

30/06/2016 release V10 (MD5: b053de4d95391790121cca64ef9cb515)

Security patch June 2016

kernel: few patches

bluetooth: some configuration changes

selinux: few fix

sync cyanogen source code (30/06/2016)

28/05/2016 release V9 (MD5: 30ac4d575bc6cf18ab5e9f6b04554230)

Fix backlight always on when charge in off mode

kernel: few patches

browser: changed from aosp version to Gello (open source browser based on chromium)

sync cyanogen source code (28/05/2016) (a lot of changes)

08/05/2016 release V8 (MD5: abb7ff62ebd6f1c47d64fb9350d988f3)

Security patch May 2016

kernel: several patches

sync cyanogen source code (08/05/2016) (a lot of changes)

06/04/2016 release V7 (MD5: 50f55b70086d280329c2db5b28918452)

(It includes changes of relV6_test version)

Security patch April 2016

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.84

kernel: several patches

changed the radioFM app with the qualcomm version

sync cyanogen source code (06/04/2016) (a lot of changes)

30/03/2016 release V6_test

fix for incoming call reboot

23/03/2016 release V5 (MD5: 26584c0832e4296a863b8adcf0208cb7)
serious bug, sometimes the phone will restart when a call comes in

kernel: few security patch

sync cyanogen source code (23/03/2016) (a lot of changes)

08/03/2016 release V4 (MD5: 6ac9a2c6db7a8197112fba9464533741)

Security patch March 2016

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.81

sync cyanogen source code (08/03/2016) (a lot of changes)

27/02/2016 release V3 (MD5: bda7a07c9be14bba95e148095d8aed2d)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.78

sync cyanogen source code (27/02/2016) (a lot of changes)

10/02/2016 release V2 (MD5: 750d368d20fa221c12a0e9d24c1b8913)

some changes in audio/bluetooth configuration (I hope improve the bluetooth issue in some way)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.77

sync cyanogen source code (10/02/2016) (a lot of changes)

03/02/2016 release V1 (MD5: cb5d861a8d3ce4150ed165823ea653fe)

Security patch February 2016

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.74

sync cyanogen source code (al 03/02/2016) (a lot of changes, finally it seems to be fixed the double contacts bug)

21/01/2016 beta8 (MD5: c7f29e45a1efc5247ac35401afcad3f8)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.73

sync cyanogen source code (21/01/2016) (a lot of changes)

09/01/2016 beta7 (MD5: 53a31f8441ffbb546878a1c4e503128f)

bluetooth: fix bug stutter audio (I hope)

camera: changed AOSP app with Snapdragon version

Security patch January 2016

sync cyanogen source code (09/01/2016) (a lot of changes)

03/01/2016 beta5 (MD5: 934f12e94039978993b2df007dc2949b)

if you use the Nubia camera app you need to uninstall and install the NEW version that I have uploaded on Mega

fix for external SD in exfat format

sync cyanogen source code (03/01/2016) (a lot of changes)

28/12/2015 beta6 (MD5: ae7f1466b44ce71d138cd6ac561a0101)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.70

sync cyanogen source code (28/12/2015) (a lot of changes, started the translation into the various languages)

19/12/2015 beta4 (MD5: 4bff23e7acc73db183cb140141e396de)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.69

sync cyanogen source code (19/12/2015) (a lot of changes)

11/12/2015 beta3 (MD5: 22084941c4ca8d6211371eb24c16b109)

fix front camera

patch to disable the softkey when you enable the navbar (reboot required)

added network speed in statusbar (can be enabled in settings->statusbar)

added headset icon in statusbar (can be enabled in settings->statusbar)

doubled the volume step (to be tested, the general does not seem to be changed)

selinux: added some missing policy

kernel: some security patches

sync cyanogen source code (11/12/2015) (a lot of changes)

08/12/2015 beta2 (MD5: a6927010d38c07a51011854796f0c6aa)

Android updated to 6.0.1 version

Security patch December 2015

kernel: updated wifi driver (pronto/prima LA.BF.1.1.3_rb1.5)

dotcase: swipe fixed for answer/cancel call

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.67

sync cyanogen source code (08/12/2015) (a lot of changes)

27/11/2015 beta1

added support for the smart cover 
to manage the cover I used an app created for the HTC dotcase (thanks to the author), adapting it to our device
the cover is disabled by default and for the moment there is no option to enable/disable it. if you want to enable just flash the file (without any wipe) CM_EnableCover.zip (if you have it enabled and want to disable just flash the file CM_DisableCover.zip)

kernel: added support for dotcase

fix read/write remount on system partition

added the official FM Radio app

sync cyanogen source code (27/11/2015) (a lot of changes included dpi setting, speed dial and other)

23/11/2015 alpha6

due to the updating of the database version of telephony provider if you upgrade from a previous alpha on first boot might have the force close on the phone app (and perhaps others). do ok and then restart the phone (after the restart should no longer give errors)

kernel: added and enabled the feature low memory killer adaptive

sepolicy: rewritten from scratch all the security policies

music app: fix crash in visualization artist list

sync cyanogen source code (23/11/2015) (a lot of changes)


19/11/2015 alpha5

in this days the CM13 switching from busybox to toybox
some apps that use busybox (like some file manager) may not work properly

it is a momentary thing that should resolve within a few days (I hope)

I ported the NubiaCamera in CM13. bug: save photo/video only in the internal memory. just install the apk that can be found in the rom link.

framework patch for NubiaCamera support

fix fc network operators search in settings->more->cellular networks->network operators

sync cyanogen source code (19/11/2015) (a lot of changes)


14/11/2015 alpha4















adreno blobs updated with native marshmallow version (taken from nexus 5 hammerhead firmware)
(with this blobs antutu crash on 3D benchmark, is a known problem…the app probably need to update for marshmallow compatibility)

fix crash facebook app

added a patch for compatibility with opengapps

kernel: fix a issue in netlink

updated configuration wifi driver (prima/pronto)

proprietary blobs updated from latest stock firmware 3.65

sync cyanogen source code (14/11/2015) (a lot of changes)

11/11/2015 alpha3
















fix phone reboot when using power profile: power save

fix SystemUI crash when enable sound notification on charging

fix some crash in settings app

correct reboot message in dialog reboot

sync cyanogen source code (11/11/2015) (a lot of changes)

08/11/2015 alpha2















kernel: double tap to wake possible fix for those who didn't work

fix data connection when using only one sim

added advanced reboot in developer options

sync cyanogen source code (al 08/11/2015) (a lot of changes)

06/11/2015 alpha1















first public release version

some patch for dual sim support

sync cyanogen source code (06/11/2015)



flash instruction:

first of all: backup all with twrp recovery  

download rom and gapps

is not possible to upgrade from cm12.1, in this case do a full wipe: in recovery select wipe->advance wipe and enable 
dalvik cache, system, data, cache

upgrade from previous (cm13.0) version 














wipe cache and dalvik cache

new installation















full wipe (better do also format system)

flash rom
flash gapps
reboot (The first boot takes a bit 'of time)

Root access and advanced reboot dialog can be enabled in developers options

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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307 Responses to“LineageOS CM 13.0”

  1. 07/14/2015

    Hong Kong

    Some users also reported that system rebooted and failed to boot back up after using the Power saving mode.

  2. 07/14/2015

    Hong Kong

    In alpha 2, setting up play sound on charging will crash the setup ui. If enabled, everytime fc when charger is plugged and ubnplugged.

  3. 03/13/2015


    I had some trouble with Alpha 1, could not hear alarms, recovery did not load, dtw did not work.. All these fixed in Alpha 2.

    SD Card: Yes treatment of Marshmallow is a bit with security in mind, so it prevents the freedoms from kitkat/ lollipop. 

    To preserve data format the SD card as portable (this should not lead to loss of data already on card)

    https://www.reddit.com/r/Andro.....ers_formatting/ This link has detailed info.

    • 07/14/2015

      Hong Kong

      I did reformat my 64 GB SD card in alpha 2 with external card option, the card can now be used by alpha and other OS/computer as well.

  4. 01/19/2014


    Hi owhk,

    Yes you are right with Sd external format, but i have the issue after coping files from PC to ext. SD-card, copied files are corrupted (not executable)

    and lot of "files" apear in ext. SD "Lost Dir" Folder

    Thank you

    • 04/18/2013


      I just tried now and it seems to work correctly
      for test I have moved files from internal memory to external sd and I copied rom zip + gapps from pc to external sd, all files are accessible and in the right place.

      btw I'm using the alpha3 (I compiled this morning), maybe this issue is fixed in this version
      I'm uploading, it ends in about 1 hour and half

    • 07/14/2015

      Hong Kong

      I took out phone’s SD card and copied all files from SD to notebook by a card reader (faster).

      Next I put SD card back to phone and formatted it.

      Take out formatted SD card and saved back all files from PC.

      Put back SD card to phone, alpha 2 can read new formatted card.

      Now I flashed back to miui and I can read all data on the new formatted SD card.

  5. 10/08/2015



  6. 07/14/2015

    Hong Kong

    Ok, I am testing the alpha 3 at the moment, all previous issues are mostly fixed, except the stock music player still fc if play song in list music by Artists view (artists name with Chinese characters).

    I have installed 60+ apps that I use mostly, including Whatsapp, Line, WeChat, Google maps and other Google apps, few browsers, some Chinese apps like QQ, Taobao apps, all work fine so far.

    3 apps that are not working at the moment; Facebook, one of my bank apps (工商手机銀行) and LBE (Do not install it ! It will fc almost all your apps)

    Since there are still apps that may not work in Android V6, it will be helpful to add back holding key, say the back key, to kill current apps option to the alphas.

    Keep up the good works.

  7. 12/04/2014


    I have a problem. My second sim is for Internet. I cant change the networktype. It stays always on global. And a have only gsm or edge. With original rom, i have h+ or lte. 

    • 04/18/2013


      yes the select network type for the moment is bugged

      you can try to switch in "gsm only" the first sim: open the dialer and compose the number *#*#4636#*#*->phone information->set preferred network type to gsm only
      after that go in settings->sim cards and switch cellular data to sim 2
      settings->more->cellular network->card2->preferred network type and select the first options and wait 1 minute
      if not work you can try to search network operators

    • 07/14/2015

      Hong Kong

      Just try the Facebook workaround, it works.

  8. 04/16/2015



  9. 12/04/2014


    Thank you, now i have more than gsm

  10. 10/08/2015


    THK,TD-SCDMA not work

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