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  • ROM Version: ROM Android 4.2.2
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ROM HUAWEI U9508 – ROM Android 4.2.2


Features ROM:

Update 07/14/2014

Based U9508 latest official version 4.2.2 EmotionUI 2.0 B804



Update 05/23/2014

Based on U9508 CHNC00B709 version

Fixes into split screen multitasking FC problems arise, can be used normally split screen multitasking feature



Update 04/17/2014

Based on U9508 CHNC00B709 version

Repair camera shooting function
When each voice call recording fix minor problems
When repair phone search for contacts, contacts repeated questions
Optimize system stability
Delete Hua windows applications



Update 03/05/2014

Based on U9508 CHNC00B708 version

1 new multitasking window split screen mode suspension
2 Start the split screen multitasking interface for each program will be a "window to adjust the position", "adjust the window size" and "Close" three icons
3, respectively, to adjust the position of multitasking support split-screen program window sizing and window closed
4 Multi-Task split-screen mode to support multi-window floating window supports simultaneous operation of multiple overlay window
5 Window button adaptive suspension split screen mode and normal mode, normal mode is automatically suspended hidden window button
6 floating window mode similar windows program can bring experience to the user
7 simply by way of multi-tasking split screen to start the program starts automatically suspended window mode
8 Other modifications may have forgotten ……..



Update 01/30/2014

Based on U9508 CHNC00B707 version

1 Based U9508 latest official version 4.2.2 EmotionUI 1.6 B707 production
2 Root permissions and adding full support Busybox command
3 layer application layer and framework of all ODEX , APK separation and bytecode files
Improve the efficiency of procedures to speed up system boot speed
4 frame disable scrolling cache to improve fluency slide
5 introduced more than 60 exclusive enhancements ROM Advanced Settings
6 All new features via embedded code and applications to achieve self- written ToolBox_fte9k.apk
7 Any third-party applications directly implanted to increase the functionality of absence
8.ToolBox_fte9k.apk gadget at least three times more numerous reconstruction and optimization
9 streamlined promote the use of all official and some built-in system application
10 Adjust the default application Sort Home



Update 01/21/2014

Based on U9508 CHNC00B706 version

1 Adjust the pull-down status bar style default color scheme, mainly to keep the official White
2 Oil feedback to solve the notification bar status bar text with black background dropdown conflict
3 pull-down status bar of each UI element is still support for custom adjustment
4 Adjust the status bar text does not mesh with the standard system font and enlarge enlarge
5 Adjust speed status bar text is not with the system font and enlarge enlarge
6 pull-down status bar add brightness adjustment bar, you can drag to adjust the screen brightness
7 new tonal adjustment bar pull-down status bar custom display / hide function
8 Other modifications may have forgotten ……..



Update 12/31/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B706 version

1 Adjust the " split-screen multitasking " startup mode , cancel the clip start " split-screen multitasking " approach by suspension files
2 to task by task list icons start multitasking split screen through the long
3 Example: Start messaging program , press HOME to bring up the task list , press the messaging task icon , the pop-up menu, select " Add to multi-task split screen "
In the message the program can be run multiple tasks split-screen mode
4 Cancel the status bar shortcut in the " split-screen multitasking " button to restore the " lock screen settings"
5 . Cancellation suspension program folder
Slide 6 . Adjust the global slide returns to logic , to be added to the whitelist function to open the program to return
7 Before ROM will default application to open the sliding return function globally , as part of the overall application compatible with sliding return problems , especially games
SP2 is only open to a global slide after slide returned to the specified program by adding " slide to return white list" will open this program return function
8 Modify the " slide to return white list" program loading mechanism to filter out unnecessary applications by loading only bootable application launcher icon
9.GROM Advanced settings add photos mute function
10 Other modifications may have forgotten ……..



Update 12/23/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B706 version

1 split screen multitasking features added
2 Multi- Task split-screen feature that can accommodate two programs simultaneously on- screen
3 multi- task split screen frame transplanted from omni, mokee open source code , to express my gratitude !
4 Multi- Task split-screen control program to be modified based on open source FloatingFolder, to express my gratitude !
5 This program is a suspension folder , simply require split-screen multitasking applications can be added to the suspension folder
Suspended folder in the top of the screen , drag to support any position , size adjustment , left systolic function automatically
6 in the startup folder from the suspension of the program will be split screen multitasking mode operation
7 Status bar shortcuts Add " split-screen multitasking " button will start the split screen multitasking suspended after clicking the folder
8 ROM Advanced Settings canceled the volume keys to unlock settings, this feature has been supported by official
9 ROM Advanced Settings canceled P6 camera switching function , B706 of the camera and the camera almost the same P6
10 Task split-screen function will start the default settings and blacklist ROM advanced treatment , which is more than two split screen does not support multi-tasking mode
11 Multi- Task split-screen function theoretically support all applications , but does not rule out individual applications can not be run in split-screen mode multitasking
12 Other modifications may have forgotten ……..



Update 12/01/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B705 version

1. Join global slide function returns all system applications and user-installed applications are supported by a sliding return gesture
2 open sliding Join @ broken star ike return library
3 returned to join the global slide switch
4 ways to join global slide return custom features support: from left to right, right to left, from the bottom up and arbitrary sliding mode
5. Adding custom slide returns blacklist
6 customizable slide disable the function returns the specified program
7 Return to blacklist slide scans all system applications and installed applications
8 support automatic processing procedures blacklist
9 global slide returns with some application compatibility problems may exist, simply set these applications to blacklist
10. Repair a global shift slide to return next topic interface layout issues
11 return to the screen rotation fix global slide failures
12. Repair Huawei global slide return the login account fc problem


Update 11/21/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B705 version

1 original short interest to join the native embedded messaging feature attribution, adding a very detailed attribution to the database, ensure the correctness of SMS attribution show
2 original ROM Advanced Settings - Join SMS attribution color setting function, the user can customize the color of text attribution, supports six custom colors
3 original ROM Advanced Settings - Join calls attribution to the color settings, users can customize the attribution to call each other color, 7 colors custom support
4 Modify the status bar two-page grid layout in landscape mode shortcut key layout of the form, added horizontal screen vertical scrolling ScrollView, can be hidden shortcut keys to scroll display
5.ROM automatically destroyed Advanced settings to improve performance and to reduce memory footprint
6 Status bar shortcut removal under the shadow effect, avoid transparent status bar background color emphasis on the bottom of the problem
7 Other modifications may forget …….


Update 11/10/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B705 version

1 Add to preferred network setting function, the user can set the network operation mode
ROM Advanced Settings - test mode - Phone Info - Set preferred network type
2.Add P6 camera switching function, the user can switch the camera and the default camera P6
The default is U9508 native camera
3.Add the status bar status icons show / hide custom function
Such as: Bluetooth, mute and alarm clock icon the user can customize the display / hide
4 Add the status bar status icon color custom features
Such as: Bluetooth, mute and alarm clock icon user can customize the color of the icon
5 Add the drop-down status bar notification bar background color Custom Function
Users can customize the background color of the notification bar area
6 Add the drop-down status bar notification bar message header color Custom Function
7 Add the drop-down notification bar status bar text color custom features information
8 Set the notification bar title, text message color, clear effect after the current notification
9 Fix weather updates show network connection error problem
10 Other modifications may forget …….


Update 11/02/2013

Based on U9508 CHNC00B705 version

1 joined the status bar signal icon custom display hidden features
2 joined the status bar shortcut buttons down the text label color custom features
Users can be more flexible with the pull-down status bar background color
3 re-optimize the advanced settings for embedded system applications ROM code
4.ROM Advanced Settings to cancel the "front button light switch," because officials have supported this feature
5. "Settings" – "Display" – "touch buttons light" before the key can switch lights
6 retains all the advanced settings function ROM
If you prefer long press home / menu customization, Volume wakeup


Based on U9508 CHNC00B704 version



Gapps include – Rooted

Language support: Multi lang


ROM install :

1, Download recovery unzip

2, the phone turned on USB debugging mode. Settings – Developer options – check USB debugging 

3, the phone off, hold down the "volume down" and "Power" button, wait for the emergence Logo Huawei has entered fastboot mode at this time

4, Run the flash_all.bat and tap just enter

into the recovery:

            – Wipe Data / Factory Reset -> delete all user data
            – Wipe Cache Partition -> Wipe cache
            – Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
Return to recovery main interface Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard -> Select your ROM
Brush complete, restart the phone Patience required – first boot takes a while


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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

17 Responses to“HUAWEI U9508”

  1. 08/26/2013
    Posts: 13


    what abut wifi it's still not runing?

  2. 08/26/2013
    Posts: 13


    wifi it's still not work

  3. 08/26/2013
    Posts: 13


     wifi nooooooot run I reinstall oficial 4.0 wifi fully run but 4.1 or 4.2 not run

  4. 01/02/2014
    Posts: 1


    hello SoCr@Te

    I thank u for ur great work, updating everytime the original firmware & costumRoms, THANKS and have a nice new year.

  5. 01/03/2014
    Posts: 1


    the rom has spanish? the wifi works with this rom? 

    • 08/26/2013
      Posts: 13


      not run in all rom without offi 4.0 my dev is u9508 1Gb ram from meddl east virson help me plz

  6. 01/31/2014
    Posts: 1


    Good day, fellow you could tell me if you already have Spanish language and all applications, wifi, and other Colombian network as play store? function?

  7. 08/26/2013
    Posts: 13


    thank u SoCr@Te finaly wifi is runing in b707 ,I thnk because this rom is based in offi 4.2

  8. 02/04/2014
    Posts: 1


    Hi there, I have a question, does this ROM have English support, and does it's WiFi work?

    • 02/22/2014
      Posts: 2


      i installed the latest update (11/02/2013), wifi is ok and has English support. But some apps are still Chinese as i wrote below.

  9. 02/22/2014
    Posts: 2


    i installed the latest version. but some applications are still Chinese. No translation option or uninstall choice, because they're system applications. is there any solution?

    • 06/04/2013
      Posts: 1


      You can uninstall of freeze the chinese aps using dedicated apps (most are free) such as :

      Advanced tools, cleanmaster or system cleanup.


  10. 05/17/2014
    Posts: 1

    Saudi Arabia

    GPS not working at all in last update!!!

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