• Title: Irulu W1005
  • Listed: 08/10/2019 11:40 am
  • ROM Version: ROM Win 10
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Irulu W1005

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ROM Tablet Irulu W1005 – ROM Win 10

ROM Official Irulu WalknBook 3 W1005 version: Irulu W1005 OS-WH_20151229

Language support: Multilang


Install ROM :

install with "Main cmd"



※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

16 Responses to“Irulu W1005”

  1. 02/07/2020

    United States

    This doesn't work. It just creates a partition on the USB drive.

  2. 06/21/2020


    I have replaced the main.cmd with this text and don't works.

    What's is wrong?


  3. SoCr@Te


    do not change the main.cmd in the rom

    • 06/21/2020


      Thank you for your answer! the only way to put this files in a pendrive is with a NTFS format, but the WinPE said that not support this partition. (sorry my english and I'm desperated because I lost my IRULU windows and this is my hope).

      the steps that I do are:

      *Copy the files to a pendrive

      *Start the IRULU w1005 with the mendrive in UEFI flash drive mode.

      *a Windows command line appears and start a script, but suddenly stops with a prompt.

      Maybe can help a screenshot?


    • SoCr@Te


      yep if you can give me screenshot

  4. 06/21/2020


    Socr@tes, again..thank you for your answer! I'm uploading the images:

    • SoCr@Te



      last picture show " install complete"

      the call in main.cmd is nothing it's not the problem

      and when you reboot what's happen

  5. 06/21/2020


    That script just take a few seconds to complete

    When I reboot if I left the pendrive, runs the scripts again. 

    if I take off the pendrive starts my windows. (not the new windows installation).

  6. 06/21/2020


    I have windows home, and I have only one partition with letter, the "C:" with the Windows installation.

    then I have 2 more partitions without letter (EFI System Partition and Recovery Partition, both without data)

  7. 06/21/2020


    I think that WinPE cannot find the main.cmd in the Pendrive, take a look at the last picture. the main.cmd file in the "scripts" folder, but in the screen says that the system cannot find.

    The D letter is the pendrive, and the call is not assigned to the letter (maybe I'm wrong).

  8. SoCr@Te


    the problem is :

    C= windows home

    D= pendrive

    so you must create another partition and after you must changing the file MBR for boot on this partition

  9. 06/21/2020


    Maybe it was wrong, but this type of installation from ROM shouldn't erase everything that was previously on the disk and generate the partitions and install windows like a new device according to the script?

    • SoCr@Te


      the script don't erasing all data.

      you've need of changing the script and adding for example that:


      @rem  *****************************************************************
      @rem  List all the disks, then search the volumes of each one to see
      @rem  which disks may have "Winpe" in the label. We will ignore that
      @rem  disk and use the first disk without the Winpe label that we find.
      @rem  *****************************************************************
      @echo call diskpart /s %WinPESource%ListVol.txt>%WinPESource%Output.txt
      diskpart /s %WinPESource%ListVol.txt>%WinPESource%Output.txt
      @echo /f "skip=8 tokens=3" %%A in (%WinPESource%Output.txt) do (if exist %%A:\images\install.txt set InstallPath=%%A:\images)
      for /f "skip=8 tokens=3" %%A in (%WinPESource%Output.txt) do (
      if exist %%A:\images\install.txt set InstallPath=%%A:\images
      @echo InstallPath is "%InstallPath%"
      @echo *****************************************************************
      @echo  Setting up the partition table
      @echo *****************************************************************
      @echo call diskpart /s %InstallPath%\wimpart.txt
      diskpart /s %InstallPath%\wimpart.txt
      @echo *****************************************************************
      @rem  Map drive letter for Install.wim and Winre.wim
      @echo *****************************************************************
      @rem Check InstallPath was found and there are images in it.
      if NOT EXIST %InstallPath%\Install.wim echo "Install.wim NOT found." && goto :Error
      @echo Install.wim FOUND at %InstallPath%\install.wim
      @rem Check that Winre.wim is there as well.
      if NOT EXIST %InstallPath%\Winre.wim echo "Winre.wim NOT found." && goto :Error
      @echo Winre.wim FOUND at %InstallPath%\winre.wim
      @echo *****************************************************************

  10. 06/21/2020


    Changing the script with your recomendation goes forward a few more steps :)

    But cannot find the install.wim

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