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  • Title: K1 Turbo 4.4 Update
  • Listed: 01/08/2015 12:19 am
  • ROM Version: KITKAT 4.4.2
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K1 Turbo 4.4 Update
K1 Turbo 4.4 Update - Image 1

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Taken from www.mykingzone.de . I take no responsiblity for any damage caused by this ROM

Offical 4.4 update from Kingzone … Finally it has arrived …

The following is translate from german to english

The file KK442-update-for-King Zone K1 Turbo.rar contains the following folders.

Driver: Should you come during the flash process prompts to install drivers, you can find it here
Flash Tool: With this program, the King Zone K1 Turbo is flashed
ROM: In this folder, the King zone update is stored. Please enptackt the archive contained therein 0502L049A_E19_K168AB125MXXE4 (K1_TURBO_B42) _EC31_IND_FULL.zip

!!!! Attention please secures your data before you reflashing the K1 Turbo. For any damage to the unit due to improper handling
arise, we can not take responsibility !!!

Manual Update Kitkat on King Zone K1 Turbo

1. Start Flashtool.exe from the subfolder flash tool
2. Normally, an already loaded in the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin Download Agent. If this is not the case, please navigate to the file in SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1352.01.
3. Download the file MT6592_Android_scatter.txt Scattering from the unzipped folder ROM
4. Please choose in the "drop down menu", select "Firmware Upgrade".
5. Press Download
6. Connect the phone without battery via USB
7. Insert the battery
8. Now the Flash tool should have detected the device, red bar with 100% DA and download the flash process should start
9. The flash process has successfully completed and when the green checkmark appears.

Should you have problems with the flash process, so I can you the Declaration @ G-gffd put your heart. Here the driver installation and another driver is available.

1. all Mediatek (and others who are using cell phones & Android combined) delete USBDeview
2. open the Device Manager next to it
3. Driver from here: docs.google.com/file/d/0B1x1BQ…1VlcDk0TnJ0VEk/edit?pli=1 download & extract
4. if the "preloader" appears, right click on it, "Update Driver Software". To the extracted driver folder navigate to the folder of your Betriebsytems. Next, now the appropriate driver for the preloader should be installed. @ Android Figurines de: for me it did not work with the driver in your .rar file, there was no preloader driver gefunde. When the driver specified by me it worked without problems for me. Whether missing the correct driver for you, I can not say clearly is only in "your driver" and my K1 preloader a different hardware ID is available, and therefore the Windows driver manager the driver is not accepted.
5. Now the Mediatek Preloader USB Vcom must be visible in the device manager! Otherwise it does not work!
6. Flash tool with andmin right starten.So must look like.

see Appendix

7. Select Firmware upgrade (at least in the second trial when the first error aborts with download with a PMT. Depends somehow with the partition table together, how exactly n)
8. Battery from the K1, click Download – Append -> bar at the bottom is red, battery clean, wait until the green tick comes.
9. Voila, you have KitKat on the K1

The unit can now be restarted. Please give the device a little time after it was re-flashed are a few things in the background
carried out. It may also drive again to restart.

If the device after restarting find no wireless network, it may be that the IMEI entry has been deleted. If that is so, no problem, here I'll show you
how you can fix that.

The IMEI number of the two SIM slots can be found on a sticker behind the battery. So please can extract the battery and you quoted the two
IMEI numbers.

Instructions restore IMEI numbers on King Zone K1 turbo after reflash to KK

1. Write down the IMEI number
2. Please give the dial pad of the phone following code * # * # 3646633 # * # * Your enters the so-called. "Engineer Mode"
3. Please wipe replaced by the item "Connectivity"
4. Selects please "CDS Information"
5. In the next menu, please select the "radio information"
6. There appear two entries with "Phone 1" and "Phone 2". It involves the SIM slots 1 and 2
7. Selects the appropriate SIM slot, in my case now "Phone 1" means the SIM slot 1
8. In the upper part of the window you now see the AT + entry, please delete this
9. Give now please ECHR AT + = a 1.7 "IMEI SIM Slot1". It is important that there is a space between the AT and the + sign. All other entries please ihne space. Take care to use the double quotes.
10. Now click on "Send a command"
11. The IMEI number has been set, please start the new K1 Turbo

Do you want to put the IMEI for the SlM slot 2, please fürht the points 1-8 as above described and made changes the input point 9 as follows.

AT + ECtHR = 1.10 "IMEI SIM Slot2"




Please post comments / screenshots in english to help others





※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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86 Responses to“K1 Turbo 4.4 Update”

  1. 01/08/2015


    hello everyone,.for those of you who have installed the kit kat on their k1,…please let us know if there is any reasonable improvement in the general performance of the k1 turbo,..for example,..battery life,…reboots,..gps,..wifi,..overheating when heavily tasked…etc…..thanks a lot

    • funkstardelux


      United Kingdom

      First is with 4.3.9

      Second is after update with Dalvik

      Third is after update with ART ..rebooted few time then did test.

    • the1



      KK all in all is faster and uses less ram so im happy with this. I just used the ROM for ~1 day but still also battery life seems to have improved! Will tell you more about it after more testing.

      The ugly icons some users complained about are only in stock launcher, replayce feg with google now launcher and they are all back to normal :-)



      But here are some issues Im having:

      - Cant install (clockworkmod) superuser, only SuperSU working… tried all different ways of installing

      - Cant install viper 4 android sound driver: Says busybox doesnt work or is not installed. I tried both busybox installers available on Playstore already, they installed different versions, but none worked for viper!

      - If you change camera to 16:9 you just get 4MP quality… also with different camera apks!

      any hints?

  2. barid83



    hi I install this rom but the phone alwyas Restart if i open any apps Make Restart please help with this problem ..thank you.

  3. 01/08/2015


    Thanks to all that shared their user experience,..i have also installed kit kat 4.4.2 on my k1,..and my observation is that it has imoroved the performance of my k1 considerably,..the battery has improved,…it runs far more fluently than before,..i dont have any problems with my imei number,..my wifi is perfect if not better,..my blutoot is perfect if not better….i have not yet tested my gps,..will do that later,..dont use it much anyway,…my call quality is very ok,..i think my call quality improved a bit,..the speaker is same,…i dont agree that the icons are ugly,..to me they are more simple,light and more sleek,..makes the phone run faster,…i have rooted my updated k1 with VROOT,..very easy to root,..i also noticed a slight improvement in the camera performance,..tested it a little,..will test more later….however it still heats up when you play games,..and during charging….strangely though my antutut score is lower than when my k1 was still jelly bean,..i scored over 28,000 with jelly bean,..but i scored 26,152 with kit kat,..still my phone apears faster with kit kat,…….its much easier to udate the k1 using windows 7 than windows 8 or 8.1,..so i suggest you udate with win 7…..it is a surprise to me that many people have problems and issues with their k1,..i have not experienced any problem with my k1 since i bought it over 2 months ago,……i love my k1 before,..now i love my k1 much more,..seems as if i just got it new,…….thanks to all once again.


    Download fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload fileDownload file……

  4. 01/08/2015


    My advice to all…."UPDATE TO KIT KAT"

  5. 11/26/2013


    Hi guys, i have updated my K1 turbo to KK and like the most people said, its more faster and with less lag. For those who have force closes, disable the automatic time zone (definitions>date&time).

  6. 08/31/2013


    I have tried everything and all the functions are perfect call and no problem IMEI. Posts gps wifi internet. camera wiped off the problem of focus, eliminated the problem of map rotation.

    A great job !!!!!

  7. 01/08/2015


    Hello,…i have updated my k1 to kit kat and it works great,..much better than when i had jelly bean on it,..everything works great,…i have not experienced any bug on my k1 after the update,…more importantly battery life improved considerably.

    However,..i noticed something unusual,…cant change my IMEI number with MOBILE UNCLE,..tried several times,…..followed instructions carefully on variuos websites,…"left space between AT +,…used the Quotes,…….it tells me "AT command is mSent",…yet after i rebooth my k1,…my IMEI number does not change,…….dont get me wrong,…i dont have any problem with my IMEI number after the update to kk…..i just need to change my IMEI to acheive some network data tweeks.

    I was able to change it succesfully before the update to kit kat,..however i had to restore the default IMEI before the kit kat update to make sure everything goes well,..now i need to change it again

    Any other suggetsions on how to change IMEI number on k1 that has been updated to KIT KAT…need step by step guide on any other method apart from mobile uncle

    will appreciate a little help…thanks a lot

  8. 01/04/2014

    Bug: SD Card and Intern Memory!

    One time all OK, next moment no Memory to see. Its show that Memory is empty!


    I´ve tried to format SD and Intern Memory. But it help nothing :(

  9. funkstardelux


    United Kingdom

    Noticed big improvement in battery after using ART runtime. On standby wifi on.. no bluetooth 12 hrs after full charge 90%


  10. 07/09/2014


    I have first read the experiences of others and then dispensed with thanks to this update.
    A small excerpt from the error list:

    Camera with 16: 9 recording the highest resolution that can be selected is 4 megapixels.
    Bluetooth does not work properly. Smartwatches not work with it.
    The following sensors will not work either: Gyroscope, Gravity, linear acceleration, rotation.
    The LED lamp flashes when the device is connected via USB.
    Some users have their device broken when flashing … not always their own fault.
    Telephone process crashes remedy if "automatic time zone" is disabled.
    Otherwise, the 4.4 cannot write to the memory, that's why some apps no longer work. Likewise, for example, gps.conf cannot overwritten. The latter cannot blame be the creators of King Zone, but the rest much more.
    My recommendation: If your system with Jelly Bean (4.2.2) is running, do not change, then it will be worse than before.
    At the same time, I agree with the statement: "never change a running system"


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