• Title: UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2
  • Listed: 01/18/2015 9:56 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2 ROOT
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UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2
UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 1UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 2UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 3UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 4UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 5UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 6UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 7UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 8UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 9UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2 - Image 10

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Aroma installer added (many thanks to Amarullz for his awesome work):

  – optional launchers:
      stock Elephone launcher
      APEX launcher (recommended)
      NOVA launcher
      MIUI launcher
  – partition patch included
  – GPC configuration set up based on location
added battery optimization focused init.d scripts (merged from Lolli Experimental)
custom boot animation
some more tweaks…


NOTE: I've again divided the ROM into two versions, LITE and FULL.


The LITE version doesn't contain almost any apps like: Email, Calendar etc – as I believe many user (myself included) replace them with apps from Google Playstore.

The FULL version contains (almost) all the Elephone apps – but still with some bloatware removed.


Please, report anything you think that might be a bug to: honzikd+kitkat+v2@gmail.com Or, visit Elephone forum for more help: http://bbs.elephone.hk/?fromuid=2951

How to install:
(Make sure you have custom recovery installed, custom recoveries are: ClockWorkMod, TeamWinProject etc..)



1. Place the ZIP to your sd-card
2. Select "Install zip from sd-card" or simmilar from your custom recovery
3. Follow the onscreen instructions

Note: if you select to apply the partition patch, the phone reboots the recovery automatically. After that, select to install the zip again > and select "Keep as it is" option in the patch section





Elephone G6 v1.1 by honzikd 2014/12/09

1. fully deodexed and zip-alligned for better performance

2. init.d scripting support

3. battery tweaks: set ART as default runtime, GPU as the primary rendering device

4. LITE VERSION: removed some rarely used apps (Calendar, Browser – as I usually replace them by apps from the from Play Store)




None at the moment
If you think you found a bug, please, report to me: honzikd+needrom+kitkat+v1.1@gmail.com
Please, include logcat or at least well described steps how to reproduce the error.


Flashable zip (for custom recoveries like CWM) based on most current stock KitKat ROM, with sound patch – audio volume levels increased for internal speaker, headphones and handset.

Multilang, rooted, zip-alligned, with preinstalled MTK MobileUncle Tools and SuperSU. Chinese apps wiped out.



Install in custom recovery. (That is not the one which came pre-installed on the phone)

  1. Place the zip with the ROM to your SDCARD
  2. Reboot into recovery
  3. Do a full wipe – factory reset
  4. Install the ROM zip from SDCARD
  5. Done!


If you want to increase the system/primary partition size (from 1GB to 4GB), download my patch (see here: https://www.needrom.com/download/mod-increase-primary-partition-to-4gb/) and install it PRIOR the ROM installation.





I'd like to say big 'Thank You' to the following kind donators:



Kevin Oluschinski





Jacques Kurvers






Frederick Steilen


Sven-Christian Korrel


Knut Ulstein




Disclaimer: Use it at your own risk and always do backups.

Donate with PayPal to honzikd

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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

82 Responses to“UPDATE 2015/01/14 G6 KitKat V2”

  1. 11/25/2014
    Posts: 38

    Thankss man

  2. 09/14/2014
    Posts: 2

    Pro příště bych odstranil zbytečné aplikace typu Service, 3D počasí, klidně i zabudovaného email klienta, hudbu, videa a kalendář. Alespoň já tyto aplikace hned mažu a nahrávám buď originál Google nebo jiné. – I suggest to delete useless apps like Service or 3D Weather, even stock email klient, music and calendar app too. At leats for me these are first apps apps to delete.

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Yep, I delete these apps too and use Google alternatives instead – but many users do not delete them, and for them would be quite complicated to get those back.. I can create "light version" of this ROM, with all the not-neccessary apps removed. Anyway, good hint, thanks!


      Jo jo, ja je mazu taky – ale nekdo to treba pouziva, zpetna instalace by pak byla dost komplikovana. Udelam nejakou osekanou verzi, delam jeste na par upravach – jako ART runtime a GPU rendering ve vychozim stavu (to zatim testuju, mela by potom baterie vydrzet dele) + snazim se zaintegrovat Google Home, Velvet a novou Google klavesnici (a par dalsich materialized-view aplikaci). Ale asi to udelam jako dalsi ROM, ta integrace vyzaduje docela hluboke zasahy.. Diky za postreh, je to fajn napad..

  3. 01/10/2014
    Posts: 46

    Hey sorry to bother but I went into recovery with the CWM but when I try to update from SD it keeps aborting, do you know why this is happening?


    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Hi, may I have the recovery.log? You can obtain that by going to “Advanced” > “Report Error” in the ClockWorkMod recovery. The log will be then placed into folder “clockworkmod” on your SD-CARD.. My e-mail address is in the thread..

    • 09/26/2014
      Posts: 9

      Hi, i have the same problem, have you found a solution yet?

    • 01/24/2015
      Posts: 1

      Same thing happening to me.. driving me crazy!!

  4. 03/08/2014
    Posts: 1

    taking status 7 error can u fix it somehow ?

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Which file did you flash – there are 3 versions right now. Also, can I have the full recovery logfile?

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      By the way, I just tested v1.1 on my phone and I'm able to install it with no problem. And, as the v1.1 and v1.1LITE use the very same updater-script, I'm now really curious about your recovery.log to see, what went wrong on your phone.

  5. luisitoamaya

    Posts: 1

    Muchisimas Gracias Honzikd.. Lamento en no poder donarte algo por que no tengo  paypal.. Pero muchas gracias..

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Glad you like it! Statistics say that around 0,1% of all users make a donation, so you see I'm not doing that for money.. :)

      Best regards, 


  6. 12/16/2014
    Posts: 4

    Can't install V1.1 it says error symlinking

  7. 12/16/2014
    Posts: 4

    OK I found my problem. With TWRP recovery, you must be sure /system isn't mounted before installing rom. Great job !

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Hi, that is quite interesting – a recovery uses a mount point called /system, but it's just a ramdisk location by default/after fresh boot up of a recovery. Maybe there are differences between the behaviour of CWM (which I prefer, because ADB communicates well with phone even when in recovery) and TWRP – because CWM handles that well. As soon as I have some free time, I'll test my updater-scripts on the TWRP more extensively. 

      Thank you very much for that great hint!


  8. 08/07/2014
    Posts: 10


    tanx so so much for this very good rom

    battery performance is very good .game playe also is good

    if possible increase the tuch screen sensetive because it is weak and increase also clock of cpu to 2.0 ghz

    please answer to my question :elephone g6 have 4 cores or 1 core.it is important for me to know

    • honzikd

      Posts: 77


      Elephone G6 uses MTK6592 CPU, which has 8 cores. The CPU clock by default varies between 728 MHz and 1664 MHz. (Google: kernel cpu-freq if you want to know more) Overclocking would be possible, but – as it usually requires voltage increase – it could dramatically increase the battery drain and could cause stability issues or even hardware damage. So my answer is – sorry, I'm not going to produce such patch, also because I'm finding the 8-core CPU powerfull enough.

      Instead, with baterry performance in mind, I'm playing with "hotplug" cpu governor settings + with task grouping, that means: multiple tasks that would utilize multiple cores are run on a single core – for example: if you have 4 running active tasks, by default 4 cores need to be active. But, kernel supports splitting of the tasks – so when 4 tasks are active, kernel can execute e.g. 2 of them on the first core, the remaining 2 on other core. That saves power, as the 6 other cores are still kept in sleep until really needed. (Sorry for such scratchy description, it's in fact a little bit more complicated)

      Regarding the touch screen sensitivity – I can probably take a look into that, but I'd guess it's hardware limited. (Btw. I was thinking about it earlier, compared to my other phones, especially Lenovo A820, the Elephone's touchscreen feels little bit dummier. But, I got pretty used to that already.)



    • 08/07/2014
      Posts: 10

      so so tanx for answer

      my mind in this question (please answer to my question :elephone g6 have 4 cores or 1 core.it is important for me to know) is gpu.

      mali 450 in g6 have a core or 4 cores?

  9. honzikd

    Posts: 77

    Well, my answer is going to be a little bit longer – to your question about count of Mali450 cores.

    All specifications read the device is equipped with Mali450MP (Note the MP at the end, there's no MP4 or MP8) – the MP should indicate the Mali GPU is equipped with one vertex and one fragment processor (where MP4 variant has one vertex and four fragment processors etc). But, at these moments I cannot verify that – only relevant kernel information on running system I found was at /sys/module/mali/parameters. There are two files: "mali_max_pp_cores_group_1" (holds value 4) and "mali_max_pp_cores_group_2" (holds value 0)

    For those files (external module params) the source code of mali kernel module shows: "Limit the number of PP cores to use from first PP group."

    My understanding of "PP" is "Pixel Processor", which I believe is synonym for fragment processor – so I'm really wondering, what does the value 4 mean here. More reading thru the sources, I guess.. :)


    So, to answer your question in a single sentence: I don't know yet, how many fragment processors the Mali450 in Elephone G6 uses, but I guess it uses just one vertex and one fragment processor.

    I'd kindly recommend you to inspect your /sys/modules/mali/parameters folder on your phone and kindly share the observed values with me. 




  10. 11/17/2014
    Posts: 8

    "error in /sdcard/elephone_g6_v1_1_lite.zip

    status 7

    installation aborted"


    now phone is stuck at startup logo



    • honzikd

      Posts: 77

      Hi, may I have the recovery.log? (Located on your sd-card, in "clockworkmod" folder, if using ClockWorkMod recovery) By the way, what is the recovery you used? What exact file (what link) have you used to download the ROM? What is the exact file size in bytes? The zips were all tested and worked OK (Also worked well for many other users)

      Better if you send me email, I'd be able to react more quickly.





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