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  • ROM Version: 5.5.008S
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LeTV X500/1S

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LeTV X500/1S – Original ROM from LeTV – 5.5.008S

- Android 5.0.2
- Build: 5.5.008S
- Only English & Chinese language
- Not rooted & no gapps (but follow my guide further down to get both!)

If you have the LeTV X500/1S with an unoriginal ROM (from one of the shops who install a modified ROM with multilanguage) but want the original ROM from LeTV follow these steps:

1. Enable USB debugging on the phone.
2. Download the file from here called "S1_x500-CN-OP-DBXCNOP5500811172S-5.5.008S.zip". Rename it to "update" (with the extention it is named "update.zip") and copy the file to the root of the phone.
3. Shutdown the phone.
4. Hold volume up and the power button together, as soon you see the LeTV bootlogo, let both go again, and it should boot into the stock recovery.
5. Now check Clear Data so both Update system and Clear data are checked – and then press the Start button
6. Now it will start flashing, now just wait for 10 minutes, and it should boot up and you have a clean new original LeTV system – done!

Now let's install TWRP so we can get ROOT and also install the GAPPS:
(You can also install Gapps via the "Google Installer APK" here http://www76.zippyshare.com/v/DqMeYkMQ/file.html – IMPORTANT: follow the videoguide here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ZidFOzl-k but with that it will not be permanent, so if you factory reset the phone, the Gapps will be gone, and you need to use the Google Installer again to reinstall the Gapps. If you use the method for TWRP it will be permanent and stay!)

1. Enable USB debugging on the phone.
2. Be sure to have installed ADB drivers, you can install http://pdanet.co/a/ for that (this is important to have a working ADB or it will not work!)
3. Download TWRP_ROOT.rar from in here. Unpack the rar file on the PC to C:TWRP_ROOT
4. Connect phone with the PC, copy the "X500-ROOT.zip" file (found in TWRP_ROOT.rar) into the root of the phone and also copy the ui.zip to the phone and place it in Phone storage/TWRP/theme/ui.zip (this will make the TWRP recovery english when you enter it, else it will be displayed in all chinese)
Copy also "open_gapps-arm64-5.0-nano-20151114.zip" to the root of the phone and "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip"
5. Still connected, run the recover.bat on the PC inside the TWRP_ROOT directory
(If there comes a popup on the phones screen just set allow always USB debugging on the phone)
- A commandpromt screen also appears on the PC
- Press Enter there will be a black screen on the phone with a tiny text on bottom left saying fastboot.
- Enter 2 in command prompt and then press Enter
- On the phone there will be a black screen with tiny texts in the middle.
- Press Enter again and the phone will reboot in TWRP recovery mode that should be displayed in english
6. If you want to ROOT the phone (you can also skip this if you want) then choose in TWRP the Install button and flash the file in root (sdcard) called "UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46.zip" reboot and the phone will be rooted.
7. If you want to flash Gapps/Play Store then choose in TWRP the Install button and flash the file in root (sdcard) called "open_gapps-arm64-5.0-nano-20151114.zip" and reboot
8. Done!
9. IF you should experience battery drain because of a WiFi BUG, you can also via TWRP try to flash the file called "x500_wifi_fix_flashWithTWRP.zip"

If you want to remove TWRP recovery, and flash the stock recovery:

Then go into the C:TWRP_ROOT folder and there you find recovery.img and TWRPrecovery.img – where the recovery.img is the original one. Just swap these 2 files, and run the recover.bat again from step 5. And it will flash the original back on the phone! /Guide by s7yler

If you want the X500 ROM with multilanguage and an app drawer then download the:

"Letv_X500_multilanguage_rom(but_no_OTA).rar" but the bad thing is that this ROM doesnt support any OTA, and it may also be missing some few features, like the IR blaster and QR scanner app is not included. So I recommend to use the official LeTV ROM instead.

You can also try BB72's multilanguage/pre-rooted ROM on Grossoshop's page – for instructions on how to install – just translate the page to english (all credits for the ROM goes to BB72). They also have an easy installer for TWRP.


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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121 Responses to“LeTV X500/1S”

  1. 03/28/2014


    hi. does it work on letv x600?

    • s7yler



      I'm not sure, for the ROM file I believe you will need the one for the X600 – but the Gapps work also for the X600, I have flashed the same on my X600.

    • 07/28/2015


      hi S7yler. thank you for your tutorial about installing the official rom of the letv 1s.
      i have installed the rom successfully, but when the phone suddently reboot and come to 1% of battery life, i've tried to charge it, but it turned off, but not really turned off because the notification led still in red colour, but the screen is black, i tried to turn it on with no result, i don't know how to resolve this issue. please help me.
      i notice, that before installing the official rom, my phone was rooted, and when i have tried to install rom with your method, the TWRP start not the start button you talked about, but i have maked a success rom installation.
      now i can't use my phone, please help me to find a solution. thank you.

    • 01/23/2016


         Followed your procedure S7yler.  Thanks it was brilliant.  But now my phone has updated to 5.5.010s.  I've lost Root & GAPPS and its giving a lot of problems.  I've tried following the procedure again but its not working now.  Can anyone advise?

  2. 04/13/2014

    United Kingdom

    Hi S7yler :)

    I cant see any UI.zip in the TWRP_ROOT folder mate?

    Only zip file there is the X500-ROOT.zip ?

  3. 11/28/2015


    I saw  a video rooting the phone with iRoot with one click only.Is that program good?

  4. 11/29/2015


    Well… i got the 008s installed and i got TWRP installed but its in Chinese…

    I did what u said "… also copy the ui.zip to the phone and place it in Phone storageTWRPthemeui.zip"
    So what i did was copy ui.zip to the phone storage and renamed it to TWRPthemeui.zip. Or isnt that what u meant?
    Its unclear to me what u mean by "…and place it in Phone storageTWRPthemeui.zip" Does that mean rename ui.zip

    to TWRPthemeui.zip or place it in a folder called TWRPthemeui… 

    • s7yler



      no, do not rename or unzip the "ui.zip" – it must be called ui.zip still. Copy it to the phone path here:

      Phone storage\TWRP\theme\ui.zip

      Hope it is clear now.

  5. 11/29/2015


    Thanks bud for the reply… Im gonna try right now… :)

  6. 11/29/2015


    YAY! That did the trick… Now i got it in English!

  7. 12/01/2015


    I am not familiar with changing the ROM. When I follow your instruction, I dont know how to :

    1.  Enable USB debugging on the phone.  You mean I should connect the phone to a PC through USB cable 

    2. copy " update.zip " to the root of the phone. How to find root of the phone ?

    Thank you S7yler´╗┐

    • s7yler



      No, to enable USB debugging do this:

      1. Open "Settings", scroll down to "About phone" in there fast tap 4-5 times on the line called "Version" until it says your now in Developer mode, hit back button 1 time, and you should see just above About phone a new menu called Developer options, tap that one, in there find "USB debugging" and enable it, when the warning comes, just hit OK. Now you have enabled USB debugging on the phone.

      2. Root means, you just copy the file to the phones storage, do not put it inside a folder or something. Just "outside".

  8. 11/29/2015


    Have a dead letv 1s and trying to re flash partition using SP Flash but the scater file is not working? Can I use the one from teh x600?

    • s7yler



      I don't think so, because they are not the same. And the storage is 32GB on the X500 and could be something else on the X600.

    • 01/30/2016

      Hong Kong

      I have both 16G and 32G roms for le 1s (x500) and I found out that they have the same scatter file.

  9. 11/29/2015


    THanks s7yler thats what I thought alright…just need a working scatter file :(   Or else need to return phone which will cost me soo much money like 50euro

  10. 12/02/2015


    When I try to install, I get "Faild to update! Cause: APK not found"

    any suggestions on what I should do?

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