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Lite ROM 2.1
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THL 5000 Lite ROM 2.1 - all Lite ROMs are very fast and smooth, there is no lagg of any kind, works perfect, fast and smooth. Based on stock kernel 1.1.2. In my opinion, this is currently the best ROM.

This is the third version of the Lite ROM (1.0, 2.0, 2.1) from excellent  ukrainian author Dimid/iv2012 (see below this post and please donate him on  WebMoney, if you have  an account there). It's a pity that Dimid  hasn't Paypal. ROM advantages are: pure Android, small size, simplicity, speed and low battery consumption. ROM is ROOTed, GAPPS are included, OTG works. Dimid gave me permission to upload ROM here.  I prepared  a little bit modified version where removes residual cyrillic, added missing translates and made a few small changes (see changes). I'm excited from this ROM  - I have installed Gravity Box through which I set what I need.

Languages:  Multilanguage


Installation: (as usually from TWRP)
1 – save the ROM file Lite_v2.1_Odex_2.zip on the SD card
2 – jump to TWRP recovery, if you haven't it, install it (installation instructions are here, sorry in slovak language only,use Google translator): http://androidforum.cz/twrp-2-7-1-0-root-pre-thl-5000-t57731.html
3 – click Wipe and select items: Dalvik Cache, System, Cache, Data, Int.SDcard (optional) and Android Secure, then click Swipe to Wipe
4 – click on Install, choose ROM file Lite_v2.1_Odex_2.zip and install it – click Swipe to Install, then click Reboot System
5 – enable notification LED in Settings/Display/Led switch -> Enable what you want
6 – enable Adblock in Settings/Additional Settings/Adblock -> Enable  (Download and apply blocking)
7 – finish
8 - If you will install Gravity Box, do not forget change default setting in Phone tweaks/Telephony/Fullscreen caller photo, set it to Partial and restart phone (otherwise no hangup button on incoming calls)
9 - 
Do not change the default value in the Settings/Developer options/Animator duration scale, always must be set min. to 0.5x (otherwise Dialer won't work correctly)

Do not play with Lock button in Settings/Additional Settings/Download EPO.dat! For normal operation it required an internet connection at the time of GPS launch! I do not use EPO function and GPS fix works quickly and well. I recommend do not use this option. If someone wanted to use this feature, here are instructions in russian language (use Google translator)http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=592576&view=findpost&p=42175265

Optional patches (Important: Install it in TWRP: click on Install, then click Wipe Cache/Dalvik, finally click Reset to system):
Kernel110_old_disp_fixed.zip - core for old display type (install when your Gama is different from value 2.0)
Unlock_VolKey.rar - unpack RAR archive, will get two ZIP files, first enable display unlocking by the volume buttons, second revert it back (if you use Gravity Box, works key Volume- only)
Unlock_Profiles_Lite2.1_1.zip - add a new option "More Ringtones" for selection of ringtones from MP3 albums on your SD card (Settings/Audio profiles/profile name/Ringtone/Sim/1st option "More Ringtones"
- Modems.rar -  unpack RAR archive, will get two ZIP files, first install 900Mhz 3G modem, second install standard 850Mhz 3G modem (I think the 850 MHz modem works better, but someone want to me 900Mhz, so added)
SMS_icon.zip - change the icon of the SMS application to standard

How to set a custom mellodies:
Custom mellody for SMS notification
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Notifications" on SD card.
2. Then set it in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Notifications
Custom mellody as Ringtone
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Ringtones" on SD card
2. Then set it in in Settings/Audio profiles/General/Voice call ringtone
Custom mellody as Alarm clock
1. give e.g. MP3 file to folder "Alarms" on SD card
2. Then set it in icon Clock, choose Alarms, set alarm time and choose your melody


Didmid page: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=592576&view=findpost&p=40807828
Dimid donation – WebMoney: WMU: U413791826969, WMR: R386284664505, WMZ: Z333649149339

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

189 Responses to“Lite ROM 2.1”

  1. 01/22/2014


    Is it better than 2.0 version ?
    Do I doing Wipe at all, I uninstal a system MOD ?

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      Basically, in new version are integrated additional patches to version 2.0. There are not many new things, only: Changed the LED display event and Updated software for downloading EPO.DAT. Those who are satisfied with version 2.0, it is not necessary to switch to the new version. However, who will install a new ROM,  recommend install 2.1

      Changes from V 2.0:
      * Fixed voice recorder.

      * Integrated Dolby Atmos.

      * Replaced FMRadio (old was without RDS).

      * Changed the LED display event. It is now possible individually notifications of missed events, low battery, and charging.

      * Updated software for downloading EPO.DAT.

      * Small icons G | 3G network signal indicators near.

      * added better language translations

      * translated some texts from russian to english, czech and slovak

      * removed residual cyrrilic

      * a small changes in build.prop

      * ODEX all changed files

      * added latest stable Xpossed framwork 2.6.1
      * replaced modem to original 850Mhz (works better than Dimids 900Mhz)
      * changed default wallpapper to Classic V3mod wallpapper
      * deactivate the Permission Controll apk icon in the upper left corner in any launcher

      * added UnLock_Volkey_back patch

  2. 05/14/2013


    - Ad blocker not function, at restart is disabled (in stock rom AdBlock Plus work well)

    - With PosteMobile data SIM not read telephone number and if you edit your number not possible to memorize it (in stock rom the same)

    - The Home page in launcher is always the first (in stock rom i can't decide what page i want for home but only the second)

    - With correct setting for Italy GPS is moderate but always have no much precision (same of stock rom 1.1.2)

    - Unlock Volkey sometimes not work in Vol+ but only Vol-

    In any cases this rom is the best rom till now.

    Thanks for great job!

    • 05/14/2013


      Only 1 curiosity that is:

      is this made by the 16P256_MT6592 or 16P128_MT6592 original rom?


    • rbarat



      - This is only for 16P128_MT6592!
      - Ad blocker not function, at restart is disabled -> Yes by default is disabled, it is not a mistake – enable it and will works
      With PosteMobile data SIM not read telephone number -> What is PosteMobile? Something special?
      The Home page in launcher is always the first -> This is a feature of this launcher if you do not like, install Nova Launcher
      - With correct setting for Italy GPS is moderate but always have no much precision -> this is hardware feature, It does not solve any ROM
      Unlock Volkey sometimes not work in Vol+ but only Vol- -> Yes Vol+ sometimes don't work, but Vol- work always (Volume key unlocking is non standard function)

  3. 09/06/2014


    Just testing… Now
    No errors found.
    Ad block and epo gps fix works fine
    Great work for translation
    Fast. Smooth and powerful.
    Best rom by far…

  4. rbarat


    Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

    Lite_v2.1_Odex_2.zip -> only a small change: changed default homepage in browser to http://www.google.com

  5. aminion


    United Kingdom

    Does OTG work on this as version 2.0 doesnt seem to have support.

  6. SS.boy


    Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)

    OTG works for FAT32…, but for NTFS formated not.., 

  7. 01/22/2014


    How many colors does THL 5000 notification led support ?

  8. 06/06/2015

    Croatia (LOCAL Name: Hrvatska)

    Rom is perfection as expected, ty

  9. 02/19/2015


    What's the purpose of EPO.DAT?

    • rbarat



      EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit), is an additional GPS feature that downloads a file to help the device locate GPS satellites quicker and reduce the time to fix a connection.

    • rbarat



      In my experience, it is not necessary to use this option on Dimids ROM. Normally I have a GPS fix within 20 seconds.

    • rbarat



      Some GPS receiver chip manufacturers have improved the system. The manufacturer Mediatek developed the EPO technology (Extended Prediction Orbit) based on an architecture online servers. It supports satellite position prediction up to 30 days, which improves the acquisition time of the first GPS signal (TTFF). Available on many Android smartphones, the operating system regularly download by FTP 3 files from the server epo.mediatek.com: EPO.DAT, the file containing the data (about 270 KB ), EPO.MD5, to verify the integrity of the file with a checksum MD5 (about 8 kb) and the LEGAL.txt file legal usage information (about 8 kb).


  10. 02/19/2015


    I see. Hmm, so I think I don't need to upgrade anymore. Thanks for the information though. :D   Maybe you can release a patch for LED Display Event to 2.0 too. Haha!

    • rbarat


      Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic)

      It is true that if you have installed version 2.0 + all patches, so there is no big reason to switch to version 2.1. If you are installing a new ROM, so clearly version 2.1. 

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