• Title: MIUI8 6.6.30
  • Listed: 07/02/2016 1:20 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2
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MIUI8 6.6.30
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Project is closet!
Dave will continue to the next topic

Be careful when selecting the firmware version. set of languages interface is different!
See the "Language_included_in_MIUIv7:" spoiler!

   I present to you port MIUI 7 with phone Xiaomi RedRice (HM2013023) for phones ZOPO C2/ZP980, C3, C7/990. Installation is using Aroma Installer. Multilingual build by xiaomi.eu team
   Firmware need an extended system partition 1Gb.
   Recomended recovery – TWRP for C2/980, C3 for C7/990

In all firmware when switching between HD and FHD mode after installing and running the firmware is not to panic, that the entire screen crooked, just reboot again.


Full changelog


Description of the installation process:
New installation:
    1. Make sure again that you have Extended the System to 1.0 Gb.
    2. Recommended to install Recovery – TWRP = for С2/980, C3 = = for C7/990 =
    3. Make a full backup.
    4. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    5. In TWRP Recovery do all wipes except flash drives.
    6. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    7. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    8. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5 minutes and then restart it.

Update a previous version:
    1. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    2. Make a full backup.
    3. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    4. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    5. Wipe a Cache / Dalvik cache
    6. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5 minutes and then restart it.

※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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499 Responses to“MIUI8 6.6.30”

  1. avitoul



    Zopo Zp980 2/32 , first notices for v51,

    Memory hint shows again 1Γb instead of 2,5 that used to show with v49,

    Contacts & Settings Screen have an empty space about 1cm from left .

    Calendar still crashes.

    Restored my full backup of v49 :(


  2. 12/28/2015


    it is not sufficient flash the new system from the recovery?

  3. 06/05/2014


    anybody help me? I really know nothing… :/

    Have a ZP980 32Gb/2Gb with a amazing ERB file to a 20Gb primary partition!  That´s perfect – goodbye SDcard! 
    But i really want the KitKat Android
    (btw… it´s possible use my ERB files instead of your "Extended the System to 1.0 Gb"  ?)


    I download everything but i dont know how to start.   How install TRWP, what file use, etc etc…
    So… any1 help me with a STEP-BY-STEP tutorial !?  (windows 7 64bits/ ZP980 32/2)

    thnx! <3

    • Dave@NeedRom



      Hello emersong,

      i don't know if it is possible to modify your EBR file or the EBR of the 1GB system. But you should know, that this 1GB is not the partition where the Apps are beeing install'd. The 1GB is the partition where the System, the MIUI, are install'd. 

      In the Spoiler: "How_to_extend_the_system_partition" there is a link to a Zip-file, below the "Attention!!!" it's call'd "System 1GB-Data GB.zip" This you have to download. In it there is a zip in the Recovery folder call'd "System1GB-Data10GB.Zip" and this is the one i use. It's enough for plenty of apps.

      But befour you do anything, download this (TWRP) and install it via Mobileuncle Tools (needs root). Extract the recovery.img file from the TWRP.zip and place it in the root of your phone. Start Mobileuncle Tools and select the "Recovery Update" -> select the recovery.img file from your phone's SD-Card and follow instructions. After this i would recommend to make a trwp backup to your external SD-Card if possible, because if you extend your system partition, all data on your phone will be lost, so….backup everything onto external SD-Card or PC or Google-Cloud… 

      If you made the backup. Extract from the "System1GB DataXXGB.zip" the one you will use and copy it to the internal Storage of your phone. 

      1. hit "Install" and select the zip you wanne install (system1gbDataXXgb.zip)
      2. after successfull installation, REBOOT into recovery (not reboot system)
      3. hit "wipe" -> "Advanced Wipe" and select "System, Cache, Data" -> Swipe to wipe :)
      4. if finish'd wiping, stay in TWRP, connect your phone to your PC, in TWRP hit "mount" and than "intSD as USB drive" (or something like that) on your PC should be a new drive..format it in Fat32, default cluster size
      5. finish'd process, copy the Zip of the new MIUI from your PC to the new formated drive and disconnect your phone
      6a. insert external SD and recover the backup or 
      6b. install new MIUI via TWRP -> install Zip -> follow instructions -> enjoy MIUI :) (here you have to install everything new or you recover the data partition from your backup and install MIUI after the recovery)

      I hope i could help a bit. But if you read carefully the spoiler, there should not be a problem.



  4. 06/05/2014


    Hi Dave,
    thanks so much! very nice

    Follow your tutorial and got it! :)

    Now… i will find a way to use my EBR file…
    THNX! <3

  5. 07/09/2016


    How is the current state of V8 on Zp 980? Does it still lag?

    I am currently on the last version of V7.

  6. 07/09/2016


    Also my phone doesn't want to boot up , it just stay on the boot logo….


  7. 07/09/2016


    It fixed itself , it needed just some time to load up things .Thanks anyway

    So i can't do OTA updates , how can i update the recovery? I have an twrp 2.4.4 , if i try from the recovery it won't install any update img .My phone is an ZP980.

    • Dave@NeedRom



      Try out this TWRP and the App "MobileUncle Tools" from the App store. I wrote in this post how to do it, read the TWRP section carefully and u'll get it.

      OTA Update's are not possible on our phone, because it's not a Xiaomi one, it's a Zopo and the original Firmware hase to be ported to ours. So ignore the Update App or block there connection to the internet. If a update coming u have to do it via twrp. Guide is written in the spoilers and/or Descriptions.

  8. 07/09/2016


    I tryed with mobile uncle tools  but once  i restart the device , the recovery stay the same.

    It's like it didn't do anything … dunno how i can help you.

  9. 07/09/2016


    I did use the .img file , but still it won't update . I really don't know what to do.

  10. Dave@NeedRom



    This week Vell has not much Time, so he ask'd me to make a port with his help.

    If someone will have the Miui8 6.7.7 Version, plz go to my Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5zv8.....rom.me.zip?dl=0

    It's working. Using it on my phone right now and it's smooth so far :)


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