• Title: MIUI 8 6.11.3
  • Listed: 10/23/2016 10:20 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2
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MIUI 8 6.11.3
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>>>>Xiaomi.eu drop'd the support of weekly ROM's for all the Android 4.4 based Xiaomi Phones. They will only release Stable for these Android 4.4 Phones. The Version 6.11.3 will be so far the last real Multilanguage ROM Port. I will port the stable rom as soon as it's been released.<<<<


i present you a port of Xiaomi's MIUI 8 to our Zopo phone (mainly 980/C2).

Base work is made by Vell, a great friend and mentor in case of porting this rom to our Zopo phone. 
I will continue his work as far as i can.
I have a Zopo 980 2/32 so i test every port i will release here. And my native language is german, i can speak and write english but for russia i have to use Google Translate, so be prepared :(

Original Topic is here.

In case of bug's, Errors, Problems:
Please give me as much Info as possible, my Crystal Ball is not ready yet, still need some parts for it. :( but still keep in mind, i port this in my free time, and in case of bigger, deeper problems i have to consult others, i don't really have the deep knowlage of Android programming and/or porting. All i know, comes from Vell, his help and his post, where i helped out too, like many of you may know.



Fully Changelog (for detaild MIUI Changelog visit here)


Description of the installation process:

New installation:
    1. Make sure again that you have Extended the System to 1.0 Gb.
    2. Recommended to install Recovery – TWRP = for С2/980, C3 = = for C7/990 =
    3. Make a full backup in Recovery.
    4. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    5. In TWRP Recovery do a Factory Reset under the Wipe Section.
    6. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    7. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    8. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5+ minutes and wait until boot is completed then test/use it or make a restart.

Update a previous version:
    1. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    2. Make a full backup in Recovery.
    3. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    4. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    5. Wipe a Cache / Dalvik cache
    6. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5+ minutes and wait until boot is completed then test/use it or make a restart.


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※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

188 Responses to“MIUI 8 6.11.3”

  1. 05/03/2014
    Posts: 15

    Viet Nam

    Thank you!

  2. 07/09/2016
    Posts: 13


    Oh i got a problem , dunno how it happened but i did loose my IMEI.

    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      Did you Backup your imei? Mobileuncle Tools can do this for you too,it is a verry nice Tool. But if you hav’nt made a backup you need to turn off your phone, remove the battery and there you can see a long number or 2? This is the imei. Atm i’m not at home,so please search for yourself After: writing back imei After losing it (or something like that). If I’m back at home i can give you more help.

  3. 06/05/2014
    Posts: 4


    because my EBR files, i have the error:  "error executing updater binary in zip when installing these patches"

    Ok, it means i already made the repartition other method.
    In order to apply these patches, should be return to the native partition.
    You can do this by using SPFlashTool3 by installing the stock firmware use button Firmware Upgrade.



  4. 10/08/2015
    Posts: 1

    Russian Federation

    На 1гб тяжко будет? или есть вариант как что-то отключить?

    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      Hello bass_89,

      russia is not my native language, so be prepared ;)  

      As i understand you correct, you are asking about the 1GB RAM problem. Well, i remember, some times ago Vell release'd a Rom for our phone where the full amount of RAM are display'd correct, but this leads to other problems wich he could'nt fix. So he decided to go back to the "normal" ROM wich work'd. To fix this it will cause more error's. If you have friends that could help on this it would be fine.


  5. 07/09/2016
    Posts: 13


    Oh Dave i fixed it by manually change the IMEI. It all works now , thanks for the great rom.

  6. 07/09/2016
    Posts: 13


    One last question , any chance that this rom will get an Italian translation? ^^

  7. Dave@NeedRom

    Posts: 189


    This depends on the Translator from where we get the original firmware. I don't translate. Vell and i did some try's to translate our port, but sadly with no luck. Everytime we did it we got a bootloop .

    Some time ago Xiaomi.eu translated the original chinese rom with many languages, but they stop'd the base firmware for our phone (not only ours, others too) and so we had to look after other sources. Vell did manage this.


  8. avitoul

    Posts: 21


    Installed V52 without SuperSU , thought it wasn't needed like i used to native root until MIUI7, rom installed succesfully , Screen sizes the same as v51 with white borders on  the left side (not optimized) , calendar still crushes, decided to go back to miui 7,could'nt boot in recorevy (missing SU installation )  in my tries to boot into recovery accidentally removed the battery while booting , miui 8 crashed !!!!!, no way to load normaly , everything goes "Unfortunatelly ,System launcher , Time …. and no way to start . Total Disaster !!. I think i must go back to stock rom and start everything from the beggining. :( :(

    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      remove battery, plug in the power cable as you would load your phone, hold vol+ and Power to start into Recovery, this should help.

      SuperSU is needed in MIUI8 so far, don't know if Xiaomi will include it in the final release. Under the Spoiler Helpful_information on Getting root right there in the first line i wrote it, Miui8 needs super su.

    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      Btw. are you using the Full HD or the HD mode if you install the ROM? There is a white border in the contact's and setting yes, but this is by desing from MIUI and it's not really 1cm from the screen side, on my phone it is like 5mm, but this i can't remove, sry.

  9. morz2001

    Posts: 16


    It does not work play market.

    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      hello morz2001,

      thx for your post. The Google Play store is working so far on my phone. Even if i make a clean installation i can enter Username, PW and it connects well and loads all my contacts and so on…. It even update's itselfe if needed. So can you giv me some more info about what does'nt work? Did the app not work or could it not connect? Did you use Wifi and/or mobile data?


  10. 10/11/2013
    Posts: 67


    Hi Dave,

    recovery works fine for me! I installed it, by flashing ZIP in recovery. I also tried the HD resolution and the phone is faster, mostly when I play game. Shame about the background of recent application that is not well centred. For the rest, is a fantastic ROM! The best I ever tried! Thanks for your work!


    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      Thx redfox91,

      but most work did Vell, i only continue his great work. He gave me advice on how to port, but not really in depth programming of such things like the FHD an HD resolution change. I can try to find out some more about it. But so far i did'nt use the HD mode, i use my phone in native FHD resolution.


    • Dave@NeedRom

      Posts: 189


      Oh, and plz be warn'd…the TWRP is not official yet, use it on yur own risk. 

      So far it did a verry good job on my phone, could make backups and even restoring older backups from early'r TWRP.

      Only thing i could find is, that in the console it apears a red line on top that something could'nt load…but could not find any problems so far.

      So think about it…use at own risk.


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