• Title: MIUI 8 6.11.3
  • Listed: 10/23/2016 10:20 pm
  • ROM Version: 4.4.2
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MIUI 8 6.11.3
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>>>>Xiaomi.eu drop'd the support of weekly ROM's for all the Android 4.4 based Xiaomi Phones. They will only release Stable for these Android 4.4 Phones. The Version 6.11.3 will be so far the last real Multilanguage ROM Port. I will port the stable rom as soon as it's been released.<<<<


i present you a port of Xiaomi's MIUI 8 to our Zopo phone (mainly 980/C2).

Base work is made by Vell, a great friend and mentor in case of porting this rom to our Zopo phone. 
I will continue his work as far as i can.
I have a Zopo 980 2/32 so i test every port i will release here. And my native language is german, i can speak and write english but for russia i have to use Google Translate, so be prepared :(

Original Topic is here.

In case of bug's, Errors, Problems:
Please give me as much Info as possible, my Crystal Ball is not ready yet, still need some parts for it. :( but still keep in mind, i port this in my free time, and in case of bigger, deeper problems i have to consult others, i don't really have the deep knowlage of Android programming and/or porting. All i know, comes from Vell, his help and his post, where i helped out too, like many of you may know.



Fully Changelog (for detaild MIUI Changelog visit here)


Description of the installation process:

New installation:
    1. Make sure again that you have Extended the System to 1.0 Gb.
    2. Recommended to install Recovery – TWRP = for –°2/980, C3 = = for C7/990 =
    3. Make a full backup in Recovery.
    4. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    5. In TWRP Recovery do a Factory Reset under the Wipe Section.
    6. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    7. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    8. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5+ minutes and wait until boot is completed then test/use it or make a restart.

Update a previous version:
    1. Copy the archive file of the firmware on the internal or external SD card.
    2. Make a full backup in Recovery.
    3. Necessarily restart Recovery.
    4. Install the firmware. The installation process in detail accompanied by a dialog menu and additional information.
    5. Wipe a Cache / Dalvik cache
    6. After the system boots, do not rush to use the phone, give him a lie down for 5+ minutes and wait until boot is completed then test/use it or make a restart.


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

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189 Responses to“MIUI 8 6.11.3”

  1. Dave@NeedRom



    Hello redfox91 and cispo,

    well, sry, my fault with the sounds. The camera sounds are a problem wich i can't fix while porting, the usb sound i can but console command does not work as intended.

    Here are the solution to fix it for booth this time. In the future realeases the usb sound will be fix'd, but the camera klick u have to do every time, sadly, sry.

    You need a App called: ES File Explorer – it needs root to do the fix (or any other root explorer). Open the app, give root if asked. 

    For the Camera Sound

    1. Click on the SDCard0
    2. than click on the first ">" below the top blue bar, so you get access to the root
    3. go to System/media/audio/ui
    4. press and hold longer the "camera_click.ogg" to rename it in something like "camera_click_old.ogg"
    5. thats it for the Camera Click sound

    For the USB Sound Problem:

    1. go to the root of the file system like written above
    2. click on the search symbol a "magnifying glass" and type in "miuisystem" (without the quotes)
    3. Press and hold longer the "MiuiSystemUI.apk" press the 3 dots bottem right and select open and than "ES Zip-Viewer"
    4. Navigate to: "res/raw" and delete the "charging.ogg" and "disconnect.ogg" sound file (or rename it) Thats it

    In the next release the usb no sound "bug" will be fix'd.

    For the screen resolution thingy. I use the native full HD resolution and i don't know if there is a solution to change the screen resolution "on-the-fly" without installing the whole Rom again, because this you have to do if you wanne change this.

    PokèmonGo runs on my phone, only if i open the pokèmon overview or the stats of them, than its a bit slow (maybe bacause of our "old" graphical unit or the App is still some unoptimized), but if i go for a walk it runs smooth, if i find one, the catching is smooth too. Well, to be honest, i don't play it that much, that this (slow down) will bother me. I play it together with my little son if we go out for a short walk :).

    I hope i could clear some and could help.


  2. Dave@NeedRom



    Damn, found out, that you can't delete or rename while inside APK Container.

    Well, download the No USB charging sound Fixand extract it to your phone. In Es File Explorer move to the location where you put the Fix. Copy the File and paste (overwrite) it in the / > System/priv-app (to go there use the methode posted above).

    This will work, did test it out right befour this post.


    • Dave@NeedRom



      Well, forget the fix, causes problems with background image. Resart did'nt help. Will fix it in the next release, Sry.

  3. 10/11/2013


    Hello Dave!

    Your fix to disable the camera sounds works fine. For the USB charging sound I will wait your next update.
    Thank you very much Dave!

  4. 10/11/2013


    Hello Dave,
    Sorry for the constant demands :) when I use gps, I have to use “gps locker” to hook satellites, otherwise it takes a long time. Is there a definitive fix for the gps?

    Thank very much Dave!

    Redfox 91

    • Dave@NeedRom



      Hello Redfox91,

      hmm, the GPS fixes verry fast on my phone if i try it with the App "GPS Test". You can use the App "Faster GPS" to set your location in the GPS conf file, don't know if its helping. 

      On the other hand you can try to exclude the App wich needs GPS from the Powersaver. To do so go to: Settings->Battery&Performance->Manage Apps battery usage. There you can turn it off or "Choose Apps" to select the app wich can use background services like location and so on…try it. 

      If you talk about the Pokèmon Go app, this app need time to find GPS too on my phone, don't know why. GPS Test is faster in finding GPS, even if i reboot the phone and start GPS Test it finds the Fix really fast.

      To clear some about the GPS (i read some times ago, so i remember it): Your phone needs a clear view to the Sky to get the best ever signal. If it's cloudy and maybe it rains, the GPS will need much more time, because water does damp the signal. This you can watch if you wanne find GPS in the Woods too, the leaves have water in it, and this damps the signal too. If you are in town with large buldings, the signal may be reflected by them and so your phone needs some more time to calculate the correct possition. You can watch this effect in the PokèmonGo App too, if you stay in place and your avatar jumps (walk) arround your possition. This will take some time until the phone have calculated the correct possition. This depends on the ammount of satelites too, if your phone can "see" only 4 or 5 of them, then it needs much longer to get the correct possition. As more satelites your phone can "see" the faster is the fix and its more accurate.

  5. 10/11/2013


    Hi Dave!

    Thanks for your answer. With “gps locker” I fix gps in 20 seconds.
    It would be nice to lock onto satellites without the help of an application. When should I use the GPS, I open “gps locker” and it works well.
    You are always available dave, thanks a lot!!!

    • Dave@NeedRom



      Well, GPS will only be used if a App is active, with no active app the GPS modul will be shut down to save battery power. If always GPS on the battery will drain verry fast.

      I excluded my favorite fitness apps from the powersaver, so they can track my bikecycling even if i have it in my pocket and screen off :) It did work so far, don't know why it does'nt with PokèmonGo…maybe this app needs to be always active with screen on.


  6. 10/11/2013


    Hi Dave,

    Yes, pok√®monGO needs screen on, I think… However I set gps conf with “faster gps”. I will try to exclude the apps that I will use from the powersaver.
    Thank you Dave!

  7. Dave@NeedRom



    MIUI6.8.4 v56 now released!

    [U] Base firmware changed to 6.8.4

  8. 10/11/2013


    Thanks for the update Dave!!

  9. Dave@NeedRom



    MIUI6.8.11 v57 now released!

    [U] Base firmware changed to 6.8.11
    [U] Open Gapps updated to pico-20160815

    From Friday this week to Thursday next week i'm on vacation with my family, so there will be no or later weekly update. 
    Hope you enjoy this release. Let me know if you find some bug's i can kill (maybe).


  10. 10/11/2013


    Hi Dave,

    The update works fine! Even the recent app’s background is perfectly in HD resolution! Another bug fixed!
    I wish you good holiday! Thanks Dave!

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