• Title: LineageOS 14.1 OMS
  • Listed: 03/29/2020 10:05 pm
  • ROM Version: LineageOS 14.1 R36 20200329
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LineageOS 14.1 OMS
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Android-Version: LineageOS 14.1 R36
Build-Version: Build 20200329


- Based on Nougat with LineageOS 14.1
- Security patch level 2020-03-05
- MiraVision (Settings -> Display -> MiraVision)
- Substratum / OMS (Theme support)

How to install the ROM

You have to use my Unoffical TWRP 3.3.1-0 Recovery to flash your device later. The file in the attachment is zipped and valid for the TWRP Recovery (don't extract the rom zip!)
Please backup NVRAM and IMEI with TWRP BEFORE flash! If you lose your MAC / IMEI after flash, you can restore it in 2 seconds!

First time installing the ROM
Boot into TWRP -> delete Dalvik, Cache, System and Data -> Install the ROM ZIP -> Install GAPPS  -> Restart your phone -> thats it!

Upgrade from earlier version
Boot into TWRP -> delete Dalvik, Cache, System -> Install the ROM ZIP -> Install GAPPS  -> Restart your phone -> thats it!

Update to newer version with patch
Boot into TWRP -> Install Patch ZIP -> delete Dalvik, Cache->  Restart your phone -> thats it!

Bugs and how you can fix it

- to reduce flickering on apps (only few have this issue), go to: settings -> developer options -> animation duration scale -> animation off


Whats works?
- everything

what doesn't work?
- some media codec are not supported (Youtube, Twitch, Camera, etc works)

Is the ROM rooted?
No. You can install Magisk or SuperSu with TWRP

What about other languages?
You can choose your language as usual after first boot with the asisstent

Are the Google Play Service already installed in this ROM?
No. You have to install newest open pico gapps (ARM -> Android 7.1 -> Pico)

Is this rom for the old or new eMMC?
The current kernel allows to support both versions. it doesn't matter if new (DL2016) or old (Q823MB)

We'll get soon MIUI, IOS or Samsung TouchWiz as ROM?
No, No and No. All three ROMs exits but they are so buggy.
I dont will publish these ROMs. They are not ready as daily driver.

How to fix app store signature spoofing in MicroG settings?
You need to write this in adb shell or directly in device terminal :
pm grant com.android.vending android.permission.FAKE_PACKAGE_SIGNATURE

What is the different between source and optimized in changelog version?
source: build the custom rom directly new from source code
optimized: only changed some files / fixed bugs from latest rom

If you like my work

Thanks for your donation if you want to support my work (always latest patches for Note S)


※Please make a backup of your device before installing or updating ROM

Donate with PayPal to seluce

152 Responses to“LineageOS 14.1 OMS”

  1. 08/27/2018


    Thanks seluce,

    installing 14.1 worked like charm!

    Now I have two questions:

    1. There is a menu entry "Lineage OS update". Could I use this instead of TWRP and sd card update?

    2. I would like to use my SD card as internal memory, installing apps on it and I would like to encrypt my whole system.

    Would these steps influence LineageOS updates in the future?

    Thank you.




    • seluce



      Question 1: Nope, it does not work. "Lineage OS Updater" only works when i enable OTA-Updates for the ROM. You need to upgrade always through TWRP. Why not OTA-Updates? Because i don't run a webserver 24/7 which contains the ROM Updates. No one will pay it for me.
      And seriously.. OTA updates doesn't worth for such a budget phone.

      Question 2: Actually no idea.. i guess encrypt could be a problem when you will update sometimes to newer version (because you need to delete system partition). Never tried it. Maybe do a backup in twrp before you try it. when it does not work, you can roll back to your backup.

      Anyway.. ROMs Updates are not guaranteed anymore since EOL status. Maybe sometimes a newer security patch comes but im not sure.

  2. 08/27/2018


    Maybe do a backup in twrp before you try it.

    A backup before encrypting, or before updating? And what exactly would I have to backup? System or something more?

    Oh, no more updates? End of life? But I just got used to it… 8-)

    Thank you very much for your work with this OS…


    • seluce



      before updating i guess. you should backup "system" and "data" as well. 
      you need to restore system and data, then go go wipe and wipe "cache" and "dalvik".

      LOS14.1 with 2018-12-05 is really nice to have for such a budget phone like Cubot Note S. Be happy with it. EOL means no feature update or bug fixes anymore by me. Maybe i'll compile sometimes new version with newer security patch level only. but it will be not monthly like before.


  3. 08/27/2018


    I am happy with it! Definitely! This was my first update since the original 2016 build. I was always too shy to install LineageOS…

    A security patch version once a year would be great enough for those who still use that phone. Original manufacturers do not do even that.

  4. 03/16/2018


    Hallo from Greece.

    I had version 16 on my phone. Everything worked fine untill i desided to put SIM in the phone. NO data via 3G!!

    I desided to install the new 17 version.
    To do this, i installed the new TWRP (3.2.3). Then i wipe cache , dalvic cache, system, data, storage (everything). I installed the version 17 (pure) and then the gapps. Everything went fine. No errors in twrp.
    Starting the phone….NO data via 3G again!

    I tried everithing a know to solve the problem. Changed APN, reset APN, changed network type (*#*#4636#*#*)….NO DATA! To 3G signal appears on the top bar!

    Any ideas?


    My sim works fine in other phones. I just send my basic phone for service and i have to use Cubot for now. But…No 3G data!

    • seluce



      It seems you have not backup imei? You need to rewrite imei after flash. On some devices it will be lost after flash.
      When you backup imei partition you can restore it in twrp.

      You find your imei behind your battery (both imeis)

  5. 03/16/2018


    No No. I dont have imei backup.
    I didn't pay attention to this.

    How can i rewrite imei? Is it possible?

  6. 03/16/2018


    Thanks for the quick answer.
    Is there any way to fix imei without flashing the official?
    No way to fix it using the current version 17 rom;

    • seluce



      You can try with imei writer tool
      Google for "fix imei mtk"

      I just tried the way wich I posted
      (was successful)

  7. 03/16/2018


    Thanks again for the quick answer!
    I will try both.
    For first i will see if "fix imei mtk" can solve the problem.
    If no, then i will try your checked solution.

    Thanks for the help, anyway  :-)

    P.S : Do we need particular instructions to root this phone? I am asking this because may be i need to root the phone in order to change the imei.

  8. 07/13/2018


    What's new in this update?

  9. M.SP.



    Read the changelog … ;-)

  10. 08/27/2018


    My Cubot Note S seems to have a problem with the V17 version (2018-12-19). Now I found out that the GPS sensor seems to be recognized by the navigator apps, but there is no satellite data delivered. When I start GPSstatus, it shows the sensor, but I get no satellite fixing (something like 0/13 satellites is shown permanently). Do I have to install something else to get the GPS function working?

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